ON MAY 6, 1992 AT 5:45 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  I speak often through This Miracle.  I speak in a form of Teaching, a form of Instruction, a form that carries much detail in Its content.  Tonight I speak before a meeting is to take place, for I want those who will be present to hear My Words.

The world is in many ways worse than the time of Sodom and Gomorrah.  The leniencies, the debauchery, the hatefulness, the jealousies, the constant, consistent sins practiced against all of The Commandments of God amount to a figure almost higher than man can count.

So many people throughout the world have opinions and the opinions stop at the point of acceptance of the opinions, but neglecting to take that one step to turn opinions into a manner of protecting the Soul, the Souls that automatically become involved with the opinions that are based on a lack of full knowledge, a lack of caring enough to take stands for what is right, what is good in the Eyes of God.

Granted, there are many scholars circulated throughout the world, but not all of these scholars practice purity of mind, body and Soul.

It is easy for some people to ignore the idea, the fact they have a Soul.  It is Something they cannot see, they cannot feel, they cannot hear the cries of, they cannot hear sounds from, but I, Saint Bartholomew say, ‘It is an Important Part, the Most Important Part of every human being’s body.’

As I speak I have the sight before Me of the devastation of millions of Souls, yet mankind cries out about the devastation of material goods.

The world of mankind must begin to demonstrate openly their belief in God, not through emotionalism, but through practicing obedience to God’s Commandments.  So be it.”

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