ON JUNE 3, 1992 AT 11:34 AM


“What was spoken earlier on this day regarding the jealousy that My enemy and man’s enemy exercises to combat the good that is occurring through This Great Miracle of Divine Love, of Divine Hope, of Total Divine Delivery — goodness, purity, dignity, honesty, and a sincere desire to do My Will is oftentimes plagued by adversities by the enemy, but these adversities can be overcome if mankind will but see the beauty, the value, the necessity, and the positive goal that has only greatness in it, if man will but think twice before a wrong decision is made.

I have never left mankind alone under any circumstances, under no conditions, or in any place.  I Am Ever Present, I am always available, and I am continuously willing to aid any decision that is for the Salvation of an individual’s Soul.  So many times the Reality of My True Presence is ignored, because man becomes so involved in rhetoric regarding the decision to be made that he forgets to turn to Me.

This Blessing is Special.  It has been given to the world for great reason, because there is so much evil that man is responding to, instead of accepting My Will, My Rules, My Love.

I could speak continuously, but I understand that doing this would be very tiring to the human mind, the human body, but remember this:  I am constantly with you through the Personage, through the Real Existence of a Portion of Me, your Soul.

Be blessed with My Love, My Hope, and with My Direction.  I cannot bear to lose one Soul to the ugly enemy that walks the earth continuously striving to destroy Souls because of the envy, the jealousy that he bears for All I Am, and yes, for all you are, because your life, as a Gift from Me, bears a Portion of Me that must be returned to Me.  So be it.”

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