ON JUNE 4, 1992 AT 4:42 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.  We smile Here in the Heavens because of the joy that children who walk in a particular role of life find so much happiness in.

There are so many, many Lessons, Teachings, Directions for millions of people throughout the world.  A sadness Here is that many walked away a long time ago because they did not feel they needed the Personal Contact that was said to be when We spoke.  Some stand on the outside and wonder what is going on.  Some stand on the outside and say, ‘If It was Truth, then what am I doing on the outside of Its Realm of Full Direction?’

There are so Many of Us Here Who spoke many times to different men, women, and some children.  They wanted to believe that We were truly speaking.  They wanted to find something special for each of them in the Words that were delivered at that time.  They wanted to feel a personal touch, but oftentimes, because of the amount of people present, the many personalities present, and the many degrees of Faith present, it was not feasible to please everyone.

This Great Miracle of Love has continued on in spite of the negativism, in spite of the controversy, in spite of the declaration of so many clergymen that it was not acceptable by the Church.  If men and women of sound Faith truly looked at This Great Miracle of Divine Love, truly had Faith in The Father’s Love for all mankind, they could not be disillusioned by mere words that were spoken against such a Gift of Hope, of Truth.

So Many Here have spoken through a very tired voice.  As We speak, We pick the human frailties up to a point where We can be heard, and then, I am sorry to say, when We leave, there is a tremendous exhaustion that takes place, unbelievable to many because they feel the Power We are, the Power We have, would not allow this to occur.  As We speak through the Soul, and the Soul uses the intellect, the Power that is used is impossible for man to understand.

There are millions of small children in the world who, if they were present during Our Words, some would cry, some would be silent for a long time, some would feel a happiness and joy indescribable.

Sometimes We do not announce Our Names.  There is reason for this.  It is important that the Message be heard, the Lessons be taught, and yes, the Truth be understood in the reasoning It was delivered, because those who have a logical Faith in God’s Love, have the ability to understand the Value in What is spoken, What is written, and the Name of the Deliverer is not always necessary, the Content is so beneficial.

If you think about it this way:  If the Name of the One We use would have to be One of great popularity, One that the whole world knew, no matter what was spoken, the Message would be secondary.  That is why so much has been delivered, and there is no Name given at that time.

You are Blessed, you are Loved, and you have been given Faith that is beyond any gift that you could receive from any source or being.  So be it.”

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