ON JUNE 18, 1992 AT 1:30 PM


“There is no human being in the world of mankind who could in any way fully understand what This Great Miracle, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, fully means for the Salvation of millions and millions and millions of Souls.

When This Miracle was first announced and It was called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, a few men who had deep Faith in how I might work in the world, recognized the Great Significance in and to this Title that was first given.  One openly remarked, ‘It is the beginning of much.’ Another said, ‘It is the beginning of hope for Holy Mother Church.’ Another, in a weak tone of voice remarked, ‘God help the instrument, because only He can be of help to her.’

In small circles men have pounded at each other’s degree of Faith in how I work, how I might work through such a small individual, one who did not stand in high-powered places, governing many men in Holy Mother Church.  Then as more degree of Faith came into play, into recognition, of the Value of such a Great Miracle passing through the Soul, the will, the Faith, the drive, the endurance of the strong will, there was a radiance of hope that It would come to the front victorious.

Man adds years up in man’s understanding of years.  Man is now saying, ‘Twenty-five years have passed.’ I, your Father, must admit The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is much longer than twenty-five years.  It began at the conception of this small woman in the world, the instrument I use to perpetuate My Will, so that millions and millions and millions of Souls will be returned to Me and not lost to Me.

There is not a day that passes that some thought somewhere, in some form, mentions The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.

As I have repeatedly said: ‘All the Words, All the Directions that have been designated to be put in print — and remember, All that has been spoken will not be included in this Gathering of Words — must be presented to all races, all colors, all creeds, and I emphasize the creeds, for as I Am God to all, I Am for all mankind to know, to understand, and to believe.’

If I had stood openly in the sky, visible to all who would look My Way, mankind would have passed it off as a Great Happening, and then many of these same who believed would end up saying, ‘I know I saw it but at this time it seems so far away.’ I want My Messages handed in a manner and in a way man cannot feel that My Presence was a momentary thing, a one-time Miracle for them to see.

I bless those who believe in how I would work, how I would pass on to mankind, the Way to Me.  I bless those who partially believe, for in My Blessing I give strength, encouragement, consolation, and yes, more interest in learning more about Me.

I will close at this time but I am Ever Present, for do not forget, a great battle is occurring throughout the world.  My enemy, man’s enemy, curses each time he sees one turn to Me, who he feels was lost My Way.

This Blessing has a Name that man can easily understand.  A Miracle attracts man.  Saint Joseph man can relate to.  That is why It was called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  So be it.”

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