ON JUNE 19, 1992 AT 4:48 PM


“I am Ever Present where this child is, this woman, this instrument.  She has endured many ugly tests by the evil one in the last days that have just gone by.  Her kindness has been tempted, but her love for Me has and will win the fight that is innate in her to please other human beings.  When her Soul cries out for help, it takes a tremendous toll on her physical health, for no one truly understands the battle that her Soul fights against the evil one.

You have come to a fork in the road.  You have come to a pass in the road, one in which only time will show the value of so much that has gone before.  As I listened to you today, your joy in what you felt was a day to be remembered, I smiled at this, for though it is a triumph for the good of mankind, in your littleness you forgot, All My Love that poured into this particular day took a long time in your time, to consummate.

My Love is Endless for mankind, and as I deliver Words of Direction through this child, this woman in the world, you must be aware that These Words, Directions, will live a long, long, long, long time, to be read, to be absorbed, to be followed, and to be passed on for the benefit of the Souls of millions of all races, all colors, all creeds.

I hold her gently yet firmly, for the physical is spent.  As My Words flow through her she understands the Value of Each Word, Its Purpose, Its Direction, Its Benefits.

Millions walk in blindness in their Faith in Me and My Way.  Many who are counted in these numbers have at some time been taught about Me in some form or some way, but they have allowed earthly measures, earthly pleasures, earthly misdirections to cause them to stray from My Love, My Way.

I do not come to the earth just to pass your time of day.  I come to the earth through a human form, to protect, and for the Protection of Souls, for the time in which you live and for many, many, many, many, many, many, many years to come.  There are many heresies boldly practiced.  You live in a time of Spiritual darkness caused by the humanism that is constantly displayed.

Many men, women say, ‘God would not speak through a human being in our day or any other day.’ I cannot smile at this ridiculous statement.  Man has never been without My Presence, without My Direction, without My Love, since the beginning of man’s time upon the earth, because a Portion of Me is placed within each human life.  Granted, It is not understood in Its fullest by what you call ‘some of the greatest mentalities in the world’, but you have My Word for it: ‘I am within you; you are never without Me.’  So be it.”

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