ON JULY 2, 1992 AT 12:45 PM


“It is now as it once was a long time ago.  I am speaking through a human being with My Direction, My Instructions that must be adhered to, must be followed according to My Will.  The time before this, a man through whom I spoke, the man through whom I gave Great Direction was Moses.

Now I come through a very delicate instrument, one different in size, one different in background, but one chosen to penetrate the whole world with What I want mankind to know, and that is, within each one there is a Portion of Me that must return to Me in the State I gave It at the moment of conception.

The time now is in many ways as the time was before.  No matter how mankind can criticize All the Revealings I have given with My Name attached to Them, or with Others Who are Here with Me, These Words must be adhered to and recognized as My Will.

It is not just sadness I feel in what I see happening in the time in which you live.  It has accelerated to a point of tremendous disaster to Souls of all ages of mankind.  The arrogance, the excuse of ignorance is not just upsetting to Me, I Am Angered by man’s deliberate manner of ignoring My Rules.  Purity is laughed at; it is something that is for someone in some other time, for some other reason, but that is not so.

If I allowed My Voice to be heard It would shatter the whole universe.  Knowing this, that is why I speak through a voice you can hear, you can understand, you can relate to.

The Words on paper must travel throughout the world.  Criticism must be ignored, diabolical emphasis must be cast aside, for as I see Souls being abused, desecrated, I have reached a degree where it is intolerable for Me to see.

I do not play games with mankind.  There is so much at stake.  Men are ignoring the Importance of the Soul.  I will not be ignored by man at any time, in any way, in any place, for any reason, and I Mean What I Say.

When I stood a man upon a mountain, I pounded My Words out, emphasizing the Importance of The Rules.  I am doing it again, and I want the world to know it is now as it was then; the other was a man, this is a woman, but do not think because it is a woman, there is a difference in My Means.

Man is trying to escape reality by succumbing to all the evil that is around.  I cannot allow it, and if it continues I will have to take a Strong Stand, and I do not want to be forced into it.

I could hold this woman continuously in place for hundreds of days and speak continuously.  My Power would hold her there.  My Power would use her in the Manner I Decreed To Be.  I need not do this now because the Words I have spoken I want to be spread.”

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