ON JULY 2, 1992 AT 3:45 PM


“Man associates The Son of God with a tremendously large Cross, a weight beyond man’s ability to carry, because this Cross was cut from a very large piece of a tree.  It is true the Cross weighed heavy on the Back of the Human Form of The Son of God, but in The Father’s Eyes the weight was much heavier because of the reasons for which this wood was destined to be for.

Man’s physical violence was carried beyond what was necessary, but the deliberate agony that was enforced was made up of different reasons, for there was hate, there was jealousy, there was cannibalism, and many other unreasonable, inhumanistic forces that ravished the Body of The Son of God.

The Stories of This Time have passed down through time, never truly unveiling the magnitude of the torture that took place.  There have been many times since that time that mankind has been appalled by the lack of humane action to men, women and children, in many circumstances not related to that Time in History, of the Crucifixion of The Son of God.

At this time in which you live the desecrations are more than you understand or realize.  Man is inhuman to man.  Man quickly desecrates anything that is good.  Morality is at one of its lowest ebbs in History.  Humanity is divided amongst itself, creating much inhumanity amongst the people themselves.  So many things that man does now borders on a total lack of humane sensitivity to the mind, to the body, and of course, complete ignorance to the Soul.

When a Lesson like This is taught, man can hear It, man can read It, but does It fully make an impact on the Importance of These Words?  Mankind has become so insensitive to sound moral values, sound moral standards, integrity, common decency, respect, and love for fellowman.  Love for fellowman is put in an indecent category, omitting that Particular Portion of each human being, the Presence of God in the Form of a Soul.

I am Saint Aloysius.  I want These Words spread.  I insist men read Them, understand Them, and then stand accountable for Them.  So be it.”

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