ON JULY 9, 1992 AT 1:55 PM


“It is not to be a worry, it is not to be overly concerned about, the reaction of many people when My Words get out.  The questions will be observed and they will be handled according to how I Will them to be handled, because do not forget, millions of individuals have, and will have preconceived ideas on how I would come to the earth through another human being as themselves, and dictate in so many areas, on so many issues regarding the Soul, That Portion of Me that I have placed in each human conception.

Many questions will arouse more interest in the Beauty of This Great Miracle that bears a Name once referred to as ‘Saint Joseph’, and now a new Identification representing His Place Here Where I Am and the Fact that He is also The Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost.  There will be groups of people who will use every facet of Bible History to challenge this Statement, this Fact, this Identification.

I use a human being, one like millions of others in the world.  What better way to pass My Words on to the human race, including all colors, all creeds, than to speak through one they can relate to?

I bless all children throughout the world, and I bless those of you in a special way, who work for Me every day.  Your Faith is a precious gift to Me, your love I never ignore.  Your Soul, as a Portion of Me, holds within It a happiness beyond what you can understand, beyond what any man can put a degree.  So be it.”

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