ON JULY 21, 1992 AT 4:27 PM


“I smile because so many will receive what I want them to receive, because of the Souls I want returned to Me.

Your work is Blessed.  Your love for this work is Blessed because Every Word that has been passed through This Miracle has much Purpose to It, much Direction in It, and Each Word is Important for not just your time, but for hundreds of years to come.  Even when mankind reaches what he will call ‘a sophisticated advanced mentality of living’, he must always have knowledge of My Existence, and the Existence of the Soul.

Children of all ages, all creeds, must be handed the Words and must be shown the Value of the Words, because in Them My Will is Expressed, even when there is another Name attached to the Words that have been passed on to the world through this woman who, in many ways, is a victim for the benefit of Souls to be returned to Me.

With All the Words that have been given, one phrase, one sentence, one topic, may be the means for the Salvation of a Soul.  No one involved in all the Books could point to a particular phrase or sentence or topic or paragraph, and truly understand the full benefit that These Particular Words will be for, will be to an individual at any given time.  As you work diligently to conquer a monumental task, there are millions outside this room who have no idea of the love that is being worked with their Souls in mind.

I speak through an extremely tired body, one who waits for My Direction every moment of the day and night.  This will not be understandable to the multitudes of people that will read the Words, absorb the Words, learn from the Words, pass These Words on to others for their attention, for them to better understand the Purpose of human life.

Man talks about abortion.  Man uses the term selfishly.  Man uses the term with great indignance, because you see, man does not understand the beauty of how I created life to be.

Man plants a seed for flowers to grow, for food to grow, for flora to grow.  Man uses seeds because these seeds bring pleasure to the eye, to the morale and to the physical.  When I created mankind, I planted two seeds, but as these seeds joined, I put another Seed within this joining and that Seed was a Soul.  I gave the life.  I created the condition.  I implanted a Portion of Myself in My Design of mankind.

I come to the earth now through a human being, to instruct, to direct, to encourage mankind to understand the Importance of human life, the Importance of that Seed I placed within each human conception, called ‘a Soul’.  I want It returned to Me in a Pure State of Light, for do not forget, the Soul is a Living Portion of Me.

Mankind says, ‘God would not speak through a woman, especially in these times.’ Since when does man control Me?  Since when does man truly understand why I do things?  There is a sadness in Me when I have seen so many come to where This Great Miracle is and deliberately walk away, basing their decision on incorrect evaluation, or on selfishness; thinking, not always saying, ‘Why her, why not me?’ or ‘Why not someone who would be seen as truly Holy?’ Man always questions My Intention, My Will, and makes excuses, determining his or her assumption is more understandable, more likely what the situation really is.

I could speak hours through this little instrument of Mine.  I speak through her Soul; the Soul touches her intellect, the intellect uses the vocal cords, the voice box.  How else could I use a human being?  What better communication?  Mankind does not understand the full responsibility that I place upon this small form, this small voice in your time.

I want All the Words, the Ones that have been decided to be given, because you know, there were not just thousands more, but millions more, passed through This Miracle of Divine Love, of Divine Hope, for the Salvation of Souls.

I bless you.  I bless those who believe in How I would work, and I bless All the Words I have given in My Name and in the Names of Others Who have spoken.  As the Words, bound together, pass through hands, They will enlighten some, encourage some, and They will be envied in some ways.  But man’s enemy will not be able to destroy All the Words.  That I guarantee you, because My Love, My Blessing goes into the bound Books.  Remember this.

I leave you now, but I am not out of your life.  I am present in a way that you do not hear Me all the time, but My Presence is continuous.  Remember this when you need the strength to go on to accomplish My Will to be done, for the Salvation of My Souls.  So be it.”

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