ON JULY 23, 1992 AT 2:55 PM


“I am Saint Martha.  I follow Others Who have spoken with such Great Importance for the benefit of Souls.  The Father’s Permission for Me to speak is a privilege, for there is a Message I want so much for you and others to receive.

Service to God is an ultimate way of life.  Service to one’s family is an important way of life.  Service to mankind, where strength is needed, hope is needed, food, clothes, rest are needed, service is an important part of life; for when service is sincere, it gives hope, it gives a strength, and is beneficial to many areas of life.

You live in a time where people enjoy telling others that it is good for them to serve, to give hope, but many times those who speak it do not practice it.  Many times the words are just conversation, or are in some ways, requests for attention.

Service is a special form of love for God, and many who have chosen this way of life, calling it ‘religious service’, are neglecting the full responsibility they have signed up for.  God does not say, ‘I want a written contract.’ In many ways, there is no contract, there is just a dedication of love, and in this love, the service is repaid by benefits to the Soul.

There are so many excuses for all that is wrong, all that is immoral, and in the manner you would say it in your day: ‘They are just excuses.’ There is nothing admirable, or even moral, backing them up.

I have spoken before in This Great Miracle.  I call It ‘Great’ because It is giving so Many of Us Here a chance to communicate verbally, openly, to thousands and thousands and thousands who are in a position to understand the Importance of human life and become Great, Great Saints.

Our Love for The Father, and of course, His Love for Us is beyond any human understanding.  But through This Great Miracle, He allows Us to show you, through Our Words, how you can, not just please Him, but be with Him for All Eternity.  What I speak is not myth.  What I speak is because of the Importance of human life, the Reason for human life, and what can be accomplished through the human life.  So be it.”

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