ON JULY 24, 1992 AT 1:05 PM


“I am Saint Joan of Arc.  I fully understand what it takes, what it means to listen for the Voices you do not hear as a voice, but as an Inner Communication that is strictly between The Father’s Way and Will and your whole being.

When man talks about a war, it automatically says two sides:  one right, one wrong; perhaps even one good, one evil.  There is a great war going on throughout the whole world, in different areas of the world.  Little of it is justifiable, for there are many who begin wars who do it strictly for self-gain, self-pride, self-acclaim, but using other people to fight for them, to die for them.

Those who are on what one would call ‘the side of justice, truth’, very often fight a battle that takes many lives.  The battle in the world now — it is not obvious but definitely being fought — is the battle that satan is trying desperately to win, and he is using all types, all sources, all means, all weaknesses of many human beings to destroy the Souls so that these Souls will be lost to God.

Needless to say, The Father Is All Powerful, but do not forget, The Father Is All Love, and He gave the will, He gave that line of decision, that act for decisions, and He wants all who are involved in this great battle to choose purity, integrity, sound values, sound standards, and of course, His Way for the Soul, over all that is satanic.

If mankind will but realize there is great strength in morality, super strength in loyalty to God, and each individual instinctively knows right from wrong.

So Many of Us Here constantly watch over This Great Miracle, in Our Way pleading with mankind to recognize false leadership, and see the Beauty, the Greatness, the Hope, the Direction and the Love that The Father has for each child’s Soul.

Do not forget, you are extensions of a Great Miracle.  Your work, your time, your desire to please The Father, will in many ways show, because as you work and walk as a warrior for God, the Sword you carry is the Sword that will save your Soul.  So be it.”

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