ON JULY 24, 1992 AT 3:25 PM


“As you were told, the Words The Father has passed on to the world of mankind must reach all types of people.  I am Saint Patrick.

There are many throughout the world that profess strong belief, strong participation, great strength in their interpretation of their obedience to The Commandments of God.  We many times see these same people acting in a totally opposite manner, and have little Faith in what they have been taught by their elders, by those who hand it to them verbally, and by their actions, what would be termed ‘obedience to The Rules of God’.

As I look into the places that man celebrates traditional practices of ceremony that is meant to draw mankind to a greater State of Grace, I see so many who obviously do not understand the full measure of what the ceremony means.

Man says, ‘I must go to confession; I do not want this sin on my Soul.’ He walks into the confessional, he confesses the sin or sins.  He expects the Blessing for this Sacrament and he walks away feeling better, but he does not always make retribution, nor does he never again sin in the same manner that he just confessed.  He approaches the confessional again.  He expresses his weakness.  He is again forgiven.  He receives a Blessing for this act of penance and he goes out and feels good again.

Ask yourself, those who are hearing Me at this time, and those who will read the Words that will be put in print:  How many times have you done this?  How many more times will you do this?  What excuses do you have for repeating these offenses, and do you understand, in repeating the offense or offenses, there is more retribution necessary for the Salvation of your Soul?

Strong Words, yes, but hopefully, Words that will make you think, that every act you do, every sin you commit, is absorbed by your Soul and there must be personal retribution.  If you steal something from another human being, justice says you must return it or pay a penalty, because of a particular Commandment that says, ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’; another Commandment, ‘Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods.’

People talk about God but they do not talk about the Importance of His Existence, nor do they truly declare openly that they have an obligation to obey The Rules, that they believe in His Rules, and that they realize that they will be accountable for the impurity against the Soul, for their contribution to immorality that will affect others’ Souls.

It is definitely time that men, women and children understand that when human life was created, there was a dignity, a Special Love for this creation, and a Definite Purpose in it, for it.  It is time mankind understand that there is nothing wrong in enjoying the physical life according to God’s Rules, and not some false rules that justify impurity, immorality, indecency, injustice to the Soul of the individual or other individuals they associate with or are example to.  So be it.”

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