ON JULY 30, 1992 AT 5:02 PM


“When someone hands you a gift, the manner in which the gift is handed to you is very important.  Sometimes this gift is a total surprise, sometimes it is something you have spoken about and allowed it to be known, but not really expecting to ever really receive it.

I, your Father, have handed to the whole world, through This Miracle, a Gift of Divine Love, a Gift beyond any human gift that man would be able to give to you.  First of all, the Gift is an awareness of what your life is all about, the Purpose of it, and the Goal that can be attained by it and through it.

I have handed to you a Deep Love of Mine.  I have allowed Many Here to personally pass on to you, Words of Wisdom, Words of Instruction, Words of Hope, Words to help you understand the Beauty that awaits you.

One time, a long time ago, I handed to a man by the name of Moses, a Gift of Love for all time, a Gift to instruct mankind in the benefits of the importance of choosing purity of mind, body and Soul, through everything they did in the human form, in the human manner of living.

This son of Mine, Moses, was a great leader, a strong leader, a man who put My Will before all things.  He faced many battles with mankind, many times their belligerence, their negativism, their despair, their lack of trust.  He did not allow weakness.  He stood up to them and instructed them verbally, forcibly, to pay attention to The Rules I instructed him in so thoroughly.  His Task was Monumental, and his desire to please Me equally so.

I am coming to the world in your time, verbally, and I have commanded this instrument to do My Will in spite of any indifference, interference from mankind.  All That I Have Given, and Am Giving, is for the Salvation of Souls.

The Importance of man’s life is to return to Me individually, in a form that I will immediately recognize as the individual human being I once allowed to be created according to My Will and Way.

Man is special to Me, because through man I will see the beauty of love returned to Me.  Man speaks loosely about love, but love is a generous manner of showing appreciation for a gift.  Love is special because love responds intentionally.

Some, in the world in which you live, will say I would not take This Time to express what I have just spoken so Personally, but your love for Me will show when you hand the world My Words, and All the Words I have requested you to hand to mankind for the benefit of each one’s Soul.”

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