ON JULY 5, 1977 AT 11:30 AM

“When Our Lord walked the earth, teaching, directing, instilling the Beauty of the Heavens, the Wisdom of The Father, and the Direction that was to be taught for all children born to the world, He did not carry a book for He did not need a book.  He was the Writer, He was the Channel, the Funnel through which All Teaching and Direction came from.

Through time, the Beauty of What He taught and instilled, What He left behind in knowledge and wisdom, has been watered down by many, many men.  In so many areas they have used the basic Truths and dressed Them up with their inadequate, insufficient opinions; not embracing the solid Facts, but piercing the Facts with weak definitions, patronizing and compromising because of their acceptance of a humanistic view rather than a Divine Mystical Truth.

Men fear the hydrogen bomb, the atom bomb, dreading physical diseases, mental breakdowns; but few men fear the collapse of their Soul.  They nourish their bodies, they nourish their mind with what is available to them, refusing to establish a fund or a bank account for the Soul that is to return to God.

The Ten Commandments were given to men for yesterday, today and tomorrow.  They are fundamentally Sound Guidelines for the whole of man.  Let us take just a few of The Commandments and see where They teach on the whole of man.

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.  Adultery has many facets to it.  It is promiscuity, permissiveness, sinful first, of course, against God; next, against another human being or several human beings; third, it involves a physical act that sometimes is followed by mental disturbance, physical disease that is harmful to every part of the body and mind.  It is obviously a very needed Commandment.

Now let us take the Fifth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Kill.  When this is read, people immediately think that a life is ended and that they would never end another man’s life.  What about the other facets of this Commandment:  killing the hope of another person’s enthusiasm, interest, talent, love; killing the desire to improve their life, killing their desire to love God more?  There are so many ways in which this Commandment was meant by God, and so few times anyone looks beyond that one four letter word, ‘kill’.

Now let us take the Seventh: Thou Shalt Not Steal.  My, how many ways there are to steal — a loaf of bread, money, clothes; these are just a few of the obvious things.  But what about stealing a person’s freedom of their will?  What about stealing another man’s motivation, initiative, by an overbearing, domineering personality or nature?  What about stealing the talents of another human being?  What about stealing the Faith of an innocent child?  What about stealing the moral values of someone who believes in what you say, holds you up as an example?  What about stealing another person’s love for God, insisting that they show more love for you physically?  Also, what about stealing the privilege of procreation, through selfish motives, selfish acts, self-love, self-righteousness?

Now let us take the Fourth Commandment.  What does ‘honor’ truly mean?  Does it not mean respect, obedience?  Does it not involve human privilege, involvement and acceptance for the whole of the human way — the body, mind and Soul?  The responsibility of a mother and a father never ends.  It is basically a reflection of the Authority and Protection of Our Heavenly Father and of Our Heavenly Mother.  When we act with disrespect, a lack of Faith, a selfishness, we sin first against The Divine, and then against our human family.  Each action we take, each word we say is a reflection of how we accept our moral responsibilities and our full acceptance of the role God intended for us.  Through our actions we, in turn, will reflect to our children what we have not only absorbed, but done ourselves; so the chain of reaction, respect, dignity, obedience, will affect the whole of a human being.

Remember, God is All Things, so no Words from Him can have merely one meaning.  A Word of God’s, in any language It is translated, can mean many things and yet be brought back directly to one of The Commandments He gave through Moses.”

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