IN APRIL, 1978


I. I Am The Lord Thy God; Thou Shalt Not Have strange gods Before Me.
II. Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain.
III. Remember Thou Keep Holy The Sabbath Day.
IV. Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.
V. Thou Shalt Not Kill.
VI. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.
VII. Thou Shalt Not Steal.
VIII.Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor.
IX. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife.
X. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods.

“These Rules, for three thousand years, have been the foundation for the formation of laws that men have written, enforced and held as security for a way of life.  A privilege, indeed, to know that God thought of all things and gave us the intellect, the knowledge and the Faith to follow a format that in no way is destructive, only constructive for our whole being.

Because of God’s Love for us, His Caring, we have an obligation to respect and follow These Rules to attain the Goal He intended.

Let us now be Moses, with the task, the obligation, the responsibility to pass on These Commands.  How will we, knowing the Importance of These Commandments, uphold Them, teach Them to others, be example of Them?

Just Imagine

You Are Moses.

You hear a Voice, and the Voice says, ‘Moses, come to the mountain.’ You hear the Voice that nobody else hears and you start following the Voice.  You listen, and the Voice says again, ‘Follow Me, Moses, I am waiting for you.’

You keep walking.

As you go on, the Voice gets louder and you know it is not a human voice.  And, as you go up to the top of the mountain, the Voice becomes more powerful, more vivid, more real, but the Voice is also saying: ‘Moses, you have a job to do for the good of mankind.  Men will strip you of your dignity, men will tear you apart, men will try to destroy you, Moses, but These Words I will hand to you are Words for the whole of mankind, for all of mankind, for all time to come.’

And then The Father of all mankind shouts with a thunder: ‘I strike into your heart, into your mind, Moses, a Command and a Demand that is Mine.  I Am God.  I Am Divine.  I Am The Creator of All Mankind.  I give you a Command to tell other men that nothing, no one must come before Me.

‘Moses, listen to Me.’

Remember, You Are Moses.

I Am The Lord Thy God, Thou Shalt Not Have strange gods Before Me.

There was much teaching to the First Commandment.  It is not totally the way we know it to be.  God shouted loudly, firmly, authoritatively: ‘Moses, take These Words and take Them to the people.  Take Them through the country.

‘Tell them I Am The Father; they are but children of Mine.  They must bend their wills to Mine.  They must seek My Way.  They must follow My Teachings.  And they must stand in attention to Me.  Moses, there is more.  Tell them to not belittle Me. Let no man place anything above Me.’

Don’t forget, You Are Moses.

And after all this Teaching was instilled in Moses, on one Command alone, after times of rest Moses would awaken again and listen more to The Father of all mankind. It wasn’t just a striking on a tablet. It wasn’t just telling him, ‘I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.’ Moses was given the Light of Direction, which is far greater and far more than the men in our time recognize, understand, or even believe in.  Men believe in themselves, not God.

And then, when pages and volumes of learning came through on the First Commandment, and Moses said: ‘God, how can I get them to know this?  How can I train men to put You first when they have not even seen You, they cannot see You, they don’t know You?’ Moses argued with God.  Moses said: ‘How can I tell them what I have heard?  How can I show them You when I cannot see You as You truly are?’ And God said: ‘My Words will remain strong forever, because My Words hold in Them My Will for man.  Men will be handed These Rules down through time, if you are obedient to Me.’

Remember, You Are Moses.

God did not say, ‘Go kill everybody that does not believe.’ He said: ‘Moses, lead them to Me, but tell them I Am All Powerful, I Am All Great, I Am All Knowledge.  I Am All Things.  Tell them I Am The Creator of them, but I Am also The One Who holds the universe together.  I Am The Father of all humanity.  I Am God Almighty.  I Am The King.’

Many Teachings came in on that one First Commandment.  And then Moses, tired, exhausted, heard God say, ‘Moses, it is but the beginning.’

You Are Moses.

Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain.

So when The Father decided to tell Moses about this Great Second Command, the Demand that was also important.  No man was to deny Him the Dignity, the Respect, the Beauty that was Him.  No man was to say, ‘God damn it.’ God’s Name was never to be used with blasphemy, sacrilege. ‘In no way,’ He said, ‘must they diminish Who I Am.’ Many Teachings were given to Moses on this Command alone.

Remember Now — You Are Moses.

Remember To Keep Holy The Sabbath Day.

There was much learning, much command, much instilling, and then rest.  After many days — no one truly knows how many days Moses was with God — God said: ‘I strike into your mind and heart, Moses, a very important day, a day that men must give to Me, to honor Me, to sacrifice to Me and to show Me favor; not for them to instruct Me, but for Me to instruct them, for Me to be shown as The King.  Moses, make them know, a day in My Honor, a day to remember Me, a day to say, “I love You, I need You”; a day to say, “Please help me”; a special day, Moses, set aside.  Men, down through time, will form the day, and then in this day men will come to take a Part of Me with them that I will one day leave upon the earth for all mankind.’

There was much instilling on this One Day:  attention to God, a special time to keep us alert to Who He was, Why He was, What He was; to alert us to the necessity to remember our Creator, the Magnitude in which He stood.

You Are Moses.

Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.

And then, when it was totally instilled, The Father said to Moses: ‘There is another Great Command, Moses, a Demand.  I want all men born to flesh, to understand the beauty and the necessity of respect for parenthood, but first of all, they must know Me. I Am The Father of all mankind. Men must respond to Me with dignity, honor, hope, love, sincerity.  Men must hold the father and the mother above all things upon the earth, but first it must relate to Me.  There is more to the Fourth Commandment, Moses, than men will understand, men will want to understand.’

Do Not Forget, You Are Moses.

And then He said: ‘Moses, I now come to the Commands that are also very important, but These are the Commands that men will make many excuses for, for These Commands will encompass the flesh, the mental, weaknesses, selfishness, permissiveness in matters of flesh, and possessiveness. Men will use these next six against Me in unreasonable, illogical excuses.’

Thou Shalt Not Kill.

He said: ‘Moses, they will kill.  They will kill each other.  They will kill the dignity of each other.  They will kill the will of each other.’ He said: ‘They will kill for pleasure.  They will kill out of neglect.  And Moses, they will kill out of sheer joy.  They will kill with excuse in every avenue.  They will kill the mental, they will kill the physical and they will kill the Spiritual, Moses.  Tell them: “Thou shalt not kill,” and tell them not to think it is with just a weapon.  Tell them to understand.  Moses, tell them they can kill in many ways.’

And after many, many Lessons on this, Moses felt heavy; he was disturbed.  The first four were beautiful, and now Moses was learning that men will make excuses.  There can be no excuse to not put God Above all things.  There can be no excuse to call God a bad name.  There can be no excuse not to go to God. There can be no excuse not to hold The Father and The Mother above all, or parenthood above all. But man now had an excuse, his weakness.  Ah!

You Are Moses.

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.

And now we come to the one that is very easily acceptable in every era of time — abuse to the body, abuse to the mind, taking this tabernacle God gave us and misusing it, but dragging other people down also, not always only ourselves.

God went into great detail and He said, ‘They will take this Command and I say, “Don’t do it,” and they will do it, because they will say: “Ah, but I am weak.  I have a weakness.  I am weak of the flesh.  I am weak.”’ He said: ‘Moses, don’t let them tell you it is right.  You tell them it is wrong.  They can not reach for purity if they do not feel the magnitude of this Command — respect the body, hold it in dignity, and don’t make excuses for its sinfulness.’

Moses dropped back.  He now had two very heavy parts, because these were dealing with men, arrogance, ignorance, hate — a very critical area — selfishness, personal selfishness, crudeness, vulgarity, immaturity.  It went on and on.

Thou Shalt Not Steal.

And then God said: ‘Moses, We go now to another part of man.  Man will make excuses for this.  He always has.’ He said: ‘Tell them they must not steal.  They must not steal the dignity of another man.  They must not steal what belongs to another man.  What is rightfully his, they must not take.  Whether he has earned it or whether he has been given it, they must not take it from him.  Tell them, Moses, that what is Mine is Mine; what is theirs is theirs.  They are not to steal from Me either.  Tell them if they can not steal from Me, they must not steal from each other, whether it be honor, dignity, name, purpose, hope, need, desire or material things.  They must not steal, Moses.’

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor.

Moses was filled with desire to do God’s Will, as you must be.  But Moses was also alert to the tragedy that could be.  And then God said to Moses: ‘Moses, tell them, teach them, instruct them, direct them, that no man must lie about another man.  He must not falsify anything to break down another man or ruin another man’s reputation.  Tell men they must be just with each other, just to each other.  They must never bear false witness against each other, Moses.  Tell them they must walk in unity with each other, but dignity and honor, united for a common goal, a purpose.  They must walk, serving in a high way, for the Purpose of life to be attained, the Goal of Sainthood.  Tell them never to say anything wrong about each other.  They will use gossip, slander, blasphemy, indignities, to their own selfish way.  Tell them, “No.”’ And then the Lesson went on and on and on.

Remember, You Are Moses.

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Spouse.

‘Now, Moses, two yet, I feel are very important; two Commands that men would want to ignore, not see the importance of, but they deal with man, what he will do, what he will want to do; and one will be his ego, his selfishness, his own self-love, and that will be to covet what belongs to another man where a woman is concerned or where a man is concerned.  They will try to steal what belongs in union with another man or another woman, and Moses, if this happens, let Me tell you this: “They will be denying Me the dignity of procreation.  They will be denying Me the beauty of life in the union of a man and woman, for time.” No man, no woman must tempt what belongs to another man or woman, in the flesh, in the mind, in the Spirit.  Tell them, Moses.’

You Are Moses.

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods.

‘One more Command, Moses:  what belongs to another, do not take for your own.  Tell them to not allow jealousy, envy or desire to cause them to ignore the importance of respect for another man’s possessions.  Tell them to not lean upon material gain or possessions, but to lean on Me for Whom I Am.’



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