ON MAY 3, 1978

“Tonight you walk with God.  Tonight you walk in the hillside where He is walking, passing on to you the Teachings He wants you to pass on to other men.  Tonight you gather, not as a group, but as an individual with Him.  You are all from different walks of life and you are all looking forward to all the Teachings He has to give.  Tonight you gather at the countryside and tonight you are a possible apostle for God.  He teaches you many, many things.  He shows you the practicality of life, but He uses the Ten Commandments as the Guideline for your teaching.

As He sits on a rock and He speaks to you individually, He says: ‘You know I will not be here all the time.  I will leave the earth and join The Father Who is Divine, and when I do this you will be left to pass on to others the gift of love for The Divine.  You will be left to teach, left to speak, left to direct.  You will be all alone sometimes.  Teach them the Beauty of Him, the Way of Him, Who He Is.  Teach them the Magnitude of Him.  Let no man put anything before Him.’

You listen intently, for this is The Son, speaking to you of a Father Who is in Heaven, waiting for you.  You say to yourself: ‘I do not have the capacity to teach.  I do not have the Faith to love this much.’ And He says: ‘Your Faith will grow, your knowledge will increase.  Don’t worry about it.  Just walk with Me, learn what you can, and then hand it to another man.  Don’t keep it; use it, act upon it, act with it.  But be sure you let no man in your presence, or away from your presence, diminish The Father in any way.  You are a man, or a woman, in the world.  You know The Commandments, but you do not put Them in your own way of life.’

Now this Man, with Whom you walk, says: ‘Think about profanities, blasphemies, sacrileges.  Think about them.  They are wrong.  They are deterrents against purity.  They will not help you become a Saint.  Teach this to all that you come in contact with.

‘Now, as an apostle, you will have to have the strength of conviction.  You will have to stand up and be counted.  You will have to say it in a manner and a way that you believe it.  It will not be easy, for there will be those who will disagree, and they will be disturbing to you in every way.  But know, that the Guidelines of life are The Commands that were given to a man a long time ago.

‘Men refuse time, in His Honor.  Never refuse Him time, in His Honor.  He calls it rest, but in reality, it’s strength-giving to face every test.  So as you, on this night, on this day, learn that you are not just a man, not just a woman, you have a mission in life, and that is to follow what The Father Commanded, and also to reach for purity so you can become a Saint.  Let no man detour you.  Remember, getting to Heaven is God’s Will for you.

‘So many men think that the physical things in the world are just right.  They ignore the responsibilities, they ignore the Honor that should go to The Father.  You are just a listener now, but you have the possibility to become a great apostle, an apostle of Light, not just an apostle of love.  Love has many dimensions to it, but love can be misconstrued also.  Light is truth, Light is advantage, Light is a privilege, Light is also an obligation.

‘Keep The Father above all things; Respect and Honor.  Teach everyone you meet to love God above all things, to love The Mother above all things.  Train yourselves to love Him before all things, so that when a question is asked, you will stand up to the question, you will be counted in the right manner.

‘You are learning to be an apostle for God.  First, you must know The Commands He gave.  Then you must know the way to deliver These Commands to men throughout the world.  And do not forget, never allow any man the weakness of killing another man spiritually, or just the spirit, the will, the hope, the need.  These are things apostles must send throughout the whole world.  And as you sit with Me, remember, you might have killed someone today; maybe the person was older, maybe the person was younger.  Think about it.  Make restitution for it.  Turn it around.  Now do something favorable for this person, to give them the strength to live spiritually, mentally and physically.  Was it an unkind word?  Was it an unkind gesture?  Was it a disturbed look?  Was it a lack of hope you transmitted?  Did you kill another person today?

‘Sit here with Me.  Let us talk about how many ways you can kill another person:  unkindness is a sure way; indifference definitely, and do not forget cruelty, crudeness, vulgarity, gossip, hate, jealousy, envy, ego, insincerity.

‘And now, did you make another one sin with the flesh, the senses of the human body?  Tell them this is wrong.  Tell them they must walk in dignity.  They must walk, not abusive to the flesh, but holding the flesh in a great way, a place of honor, for in this flesh, around this flesh, I Am.  I Am the Soul that encompasses their flesh.  When they sin with the senses, they taint the Soul.  Teach them that.  Tell them a dark corner does not hide them from the responsibility that I have handed to them, through their will.

‘It is easy to talk about being an apostle, very easy.  It is easy to talk about all those who have done great things, or bad things.  It is easy to discuss others, but it is difficult to live a life of purity unless you know and feel the Guidelines of Light given by The Father.  It is your responsibility, it is your obligation to teach it to everyone you come in contact with.

‘Now, let us walk on to the stream.  It is easier to walk and talk.  It is easier to listen, sometimes, when there is a distraction.  Sometimes a break in the conversation, just by the water, will give you a new way of thinking.  The stream is fresh, the stream is clean, and the stream says purity.  And do not forget that purity is to not steal another man’s possessions, his love, his hope, his dreams, his imagination, his talents, his will, his inspirations, his dignity, his honor, his name.  Remember this.  Teach them, throughout the world, that any sin against this Commandment is a grievous sin.

‘And now, as we discuss your going on to greater things, how many times have you lied about another man?  How many times have you discussed, in gossip, in wrong thinking, or even suggested false witness against another man?  Your saying it, your thinking it, did not make this person go to prison, but it did make others think badly of him.  Think about it.  Teach them, when I leave the earth, what is necessary to not do and to do.  Teach them respect for other human beings.  Teach them respect for the name of another human being.  Teach them the dignity of life.  Teach them not to discuss, in gossip, another man or woman.

‘It is difficult to teach so many children in the world, to teach so many other children, but it has been done before and it will be done again.  Through the Teachings you are getting, you will think much before you speak.  You will think much before you do something because now you know better.  Once you are taught, once you learn, once you see the value of what you have learned, you have responsibility.

‘And now, as we walk through the countryside, you are future apostles for Holy Mother Church; not to stand on the street corners, not to knock on the doors, not to shout at everyone you meet how Holy you are.  You are not Holy.  But the learning, the absorbing, the retaining, the beauty in what you absorb and retain, will give you the strength to go on to teach, and to not commit the sin.

‘It is sadness when a man or a woman tries to diminish another man or woman by getting the attention of the spouse, by creating a sinful thought.  It is ego, it is pride, it is immaturity.  It does not show love for God.  It shows selfishness, not selflessness.  It shows that you cannot attain the goal for yourself, but you want what someone else has, and you know you are not allowed to have it.  But this type of sin can have a reaction all the way down the line, and it is not a sin for just that moment.  It can be a sin for many, many years to come, in the mind, in the thoughts, in the intentions.

‘And now, let us go further.  One last Commandment for you to use as a Guideline, as you are an apostle for The Father.  Teach them to not borrow and keep.  Teach them to not desire so much that they have an excuse for why they keep it, they justify what they have that belongs to another.

‘There is so much to be said, so much work to be done by the apostles who know the Ten Commandments, who know they have a Soul, who know why they were born.  The Lessons are many and the Lessons are full.

‘Ask yourselves, My children, when you leave My sight tonight, how much will you teach, by your actions, by your deeds, by your thoughts, by your generosity to others?  Will you just practice on the little ones, or will you practice on the older ones, who perhaps will not be as flexible?  Will you demand that they accept what you say, what you do, or will you do it in dignity, in purity, in generosity, in decency?  Ask yourselves, My apostles, for I am The Son of The Father.  I instituted the Church.  So be it.’”

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