IN MARCH, 1980

“This Document

Is On The Life Of


And Carries In It

The Judgment I Decree

Will Be For This

Child’s Soul.”


“I Am God, I Am The Creator, I Am All Things.  I Am more than ordinary means.  Because of Whom I Am, all men must understand that no one or nothing can be over Me, in thought, idea, words or actions from My children.

All My creations are subject to Me and are controlled by Me.  All earthly thinking, possessions, measures of knowledge, cannot be placed above Me.

All children must bend their knees in adoration to Me, and be aware of their dependence on Me.

___________________,1 if you found this Commandment unnecessary for you to even think about, you offended Me.  This means that you did not pay Me the Honor due Me.

I am judging you on your lack of honor, but I will also judge you on your love for Me.”


___________________,1 many times I heard My Name abused, dishonored, through several degrees of anger in you; or, in your small command of your language, you used My Name to emphasize a fact, to control an issue, or to impress someone else.  Do you remember any of these times?  Do you ever recall using My Name in jest, or condoning this abuse of My Name from others?

So many children of Mine use My Name when they feel the need to emphasize, or swear to something, and it becomes a habit when they want to accentuate a fact or a statement.  Needless to say, it is a great discredit to Me, and shows little reverence and dignity to Whom I Am.

All things My children do toward Me, offending Me, are recorded with Me, along with all things that are done in Honor of Me.  Any blasphemies, vile language, sacrileges, that My Name is used with, must be atoned for through reparation, because these cause impurities to one’s Soul.

I will be Just in My Decision regarding you on this Commandment, but in My Justice, I will also remind you of the slightest offense against My Name that you said or acted in, for I want this impurity taken from your Soul.”


“It is very important that you, ___________________,1 never missed obeying My Commandment that demands you spend a given time with Me.  I made this Commandment for the good of My children, because it is important that a child be constantly in touch with Me, and that each of My children be with Me in specific ways and at specific times.  This gives order to their Spiritual habits and life, and they would find it more difficult to offend Me or omit Me from their life.

___________________,1 there were times you found excuses to not spend this time with Me.  I must reprimand you for this and show you how, in doing this, you robbed yourself of growing in Grace, strength and love My Way.

For each time you acted disobediently against this Commandment, I order you to atone and make this time up to Me.”


“I gave this Commandment to man for many reasons, and now, as I judge you, ___________________,1 on your actions and behavior of this Commandment, I must refer to the times you acted boldly against My Ultimate Authority through your sinning and causing offenses against Me.

This Commandment, Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother, naturally first covers your Father in Heaven and your Heavenly Mother.  This alerts all children of Mine, the necessity for respect to Heavenly Parents, and then to the earthly parents who bear the burden of the physical life of each of My children.

Also, this Commandment covers each child’s respect towards the elderly, plus, the respectable authority of the Church, and respect for the sound authority in all areas of life.

___________________,1 I am justly judging you on your behavior and obedience to this Commandment that I hold as a very important Gift of Mine, to all My children.  Any lack of respect, any indignity, any unrefined abuse, toward causing offenses against any area of this Commandment, you must make reparation for.

My Love for you where this Commandment is concerned was oftentimes shattered because of your indifference to it.”


___________________,1 how much were you involved, and in how many ways did you partake in killing the body, mind or Spirit of another person?

How much did you kill the zest for living that someone showed in bringing happiness to others?  Did you allow your anger, possessiveness, ego or pride, to smother others into a life of obedience to you, eliminating their ‘free will, their line of decision’?

I heard many calls for help on the behalf of others in trying to free their body, mind and Spirit from your strangling hold.

I will be more Just with you than you were with others, but I am asking for reparation from you for killing the will, the body or the Spirit of one of My children.”


“This Commandment of Mine is much abused by man, and has been since the beginning of time.  When I directed this Commandment I gave with this direction the ways in which men should use self-control and self-discipline to never offend Me where this Commandment was concerned.

In My creation of man, I gave man certain senses to use in the right manner, for the right purpose I intended them.  These senses men find easy to abuse and they offend Me constantly in this abusiveness.

I created man to My Image and Likeness.  I gave man a will and a Soul.  This made man a higher being than anything else I created.

Sins against the flesh, whether they be to one’s self or with one or more people, offends Me in many ways.  Any abuse to the physical, whether it be made in a weak act for pleasure or a response to temptation, is offensive to Me.

A strong stand for purity against offenses on this Commandment is loved by Me.  Promiscuity, indecency, immoralities, impurities, pornography, abortion, are termed by Me, ‘vile, contemptuous, blasphemous, sacrilegious’, and reparation for these sins will be according to how I see them.

___________________,1 what explanation do you have for your behavior where this Commandment is concerned?

I, your God, in My Justice, in My Mercy, will judge you on any sins against this Commandment fairly and justly, according to the degree in which you sinned, the amount of times you sinned, how many people were affected by your actions; and I will also take into consideration the manner of your sins.

I repeat, I made man to My Image and Likeness, and All Things I Am I favored man with:  My Love, My Knowledge, My Wisdom, My Love for beauty, My Generosity, My Hope, My Sensitivity, My Dignity, My Integrity, My Honesty, My Selflessness, My Purity, My Freedom to act with My Will, along with many other things that I felt would help man enjoy the physical life and use these things to return the Soul to Me.

I shout to mankind, ‘Don’t force My Hand to chastise you in severity, for your unconcern for sins against Me on this Commandment!’”


“Do you remember taking what belonged to another, such as enthusiasm, dignity, the right to happiness, hope, the desire to serve Me through a religious vocation, the ability to make others happy, the stealing of others’ personal properties or the stealing of ideas that would give acclaim or monetary measures for your own benefit?

___________________,1 how much of these did you partake in, willingly, or would you say circumstances involved you?  Either way, you are responsible for the intent and the results, and what effect they had on all those involved, plus those who were victimized by each facet of your action.

Stealing has a great amount of injustice in it, and it reflects back to the ‘fallen angel’ I had to cast out of Heaven because of his trying to steal from Me.

What you have stolen must be paid for and reimbursed.  My Way will give you the proper, just method for atonement.”


___________________,1 have you ever lied about or to another person, through gossip, jealousy, anger, hate, selfishness, a lack of charity, victimizing their names, their place in the community, or destroying their relationship with a close friend or relative?  To what degree, and how many children have you done this to, and how many times have you abused one of My children in this way?

There is no moment in anyone’s life that I am not present to see and hear all that happens.  Each time a child sins against this Commandment, it is likened to the time My Son walked the earth.  Men acted cruelly and unjustly toward Him, and judged Him wrongly, due to their own weaknesses.  I judge all men justly, you can count on this, and I will judge your actions on this Commandment according to the reasons you used, the degree of harm you caused, the total damage related, or unrelated, that resulted from your actions or words.

You have My Word, I will be Just with you.”


___________________,1 there are several ways to covet the spouse of another.  The first way is to gain their attention, suggesting a deep attraction, encouraging the mind of the person to think unrealistically about a friendship, companionship or sinful action.

Flirting with another’s spouse is an impure action against My Will, for it is My Will that the marriage state be honored and held in dignity for the Souls of the individuals, plus, the purpose of this state of life is to work ‘hand in hand with Me’ in the act of procreation; also, to teach the young, through example, that the Purpose of life is Sanctity.

In how many ways did you scandalize this important Commandment, causing discord, unhappiness, unrest, and poor example, to one, two, or more of My children?

I have the record of your behavior in this inconsiderate frivolous manner of life, and how many times you catered to your own lack of self-discipline and self-control.

___________________,1 such offenses against the dignity of the marriage state you caused will be atoned for in a manner best for your own Soul.”


“You had the habit of borrowing and not returning; using things and then possessing them, falsely justifying the acceptance of any object that was not earned, purchased, or received in some legal manner.  This, in reality, was a grievous sin against Me and one or more of My children, even when taking seemed unnoticed because of the little or no need on the part of the one who owned the item or items.  No man should allow himself to take what belongs to another.

___________________,1 I have a full and complete record of all things you did against this Commandment, and the exact number of times and ways you absorbed what legally and rightfully belonged to another.

I will judge you on My Records, and be Just with you in My Tally.”

“ ___________________,1

My Judgment of you is lovingly determined by My Justice, My Mercy, and My Understanding of your will’s decisions in your obedience to My Ten Commandments.

Until you are in a pure state and have made the necessary reparation with preparation in atoning for all your disobedient acts, I, your Father, find it necessary for
you, ___________________,1 to spend _____________ in Purgatory to cleanse your Soul.

So be it.”

1 Your Name should be on this line and on all the lines designated on the following pages.

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