ON JANUARY 12, 1983


JANUARY 12, 1983


“When God handed Moses the Ten Commandments, the voluminous amounts of interpretations, misinterpretations that God instructed Moses to expound upon when he delivered These Commandments to mankind related to every facet of man’s thinking, of man’s actions, of man’s moods, of man’s intellect, of man’s degree of Faith, of man’s Spiritual conquests, of man’s weaknesses, of man’s total makeup.

There are many approaches to reviewing and examining one’s conscience, using the basic Commandments of God as The Rules determining whether or not one’s acts, actions, thoughts, words, or deeds, were in any way offensive to God through man, or directly to God.

There are many of our daily actions that we take for granted, and do not see them as harmful to our Soul.  We have the tendency to think about sins against God as being acts or actions out of our realm of living, or that we are not in the environment that would encourage our practicing immorality to such a degree that would cause it to be against God in such a way that we would be accountable for it one day.  This thinking, of course, must be corrected and we must look at our examination of conscience with our own behavioral patterns and practices as the subject of it being right or wrong, good or bad, pure or evil.”

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