ON OCTOBER 28, 1977

“Due to the importance of the work and goals of The Society Of Saint John Vianney, it is necessary that each man interested in being an active member, be fully aware of what membership in this Society really means.

The Society is not a Corporation involving a Board of Directors.  It is a Corporation Sole, which means that the Director General is solely responsible for the direction, administration and management of the affairs of the Society.

All accepted members will be expected to recognize The Miracle Of Saint Joseph and respect It as the foundation through which, and by which, The Society Of Saint John Vianney was founded.

Any man who cannot sincerely admit to his belief in, and concern for, The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, has no reason to even consider participation in The Society Of Saint John Vianney.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph must be regarded first, and then the accomplishment of building The City Of God, Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope, which is the result of Direction given through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.

The Society Of Saint John Vianney is, in itself, an Organization with distinct obligations and objectives, spiritually and physically, involving men committed to sustain given areas of The City Of God, Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope, through their time, talents, and/or monetary means.

The Society Of Saint John Vianney is formed for the purpose of returning Souls to God through charitable acts, good example, and action through activities.

The Constitution of The Society Of Saint John Vianney specifies that its obligation is to sustain the Priesthood.  Such an objective is varied and has various responsibilities.  We must remember that Holy Mother Church is the True Church, instituted by The Son of God.  And we, as Roman Catholics, must protect the Church, and not only sustain the Priesthood, but expect from this vocation in life full dedication and service to God for the good and benefit of Souls, not a watered down version of following in Christ’s Footsteps.

We must also understand that loyalty to God’s Church is not a spur of the moment thing but it must be coordinated with sound logic, obedience to God’s Commandments, and free of scruples, etherealism, radical opinions and biased self-righteousness, that only fall into the category of false loyalty.

Our responsibility must be based on truth, sound moral values, rules, and the Goal God intended for man:  to become a Saint.

Respect is very important.  It must always be associated with sincerity and loyalty, dignity and understanding.  Respect cannot be confused with placating, compromising or patronizing other people to gain personal attention or egotistical satisfaction.  This is the enemy’s way.

Stability, selflessness — not selfishness — and self-discipline are virtues of strength.  Example of these things will not only depict, but set the pattern for others to follow.

The path to Sainthood is not paved with man’s opinion or theory, but with man’s dedication, obedience to God’s Commandments, and constant striving to follow God’s Will for the True Purpose of life.”

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