ON JULY 1, 1977


“What is it?  How do I use it?  Am I aware of its greatness, beauty, privilege?

Time is a Gift from God to be used for the purpose He intended.  This purpose is not always felt nor seen, but is obvious through our Gift of Faith.

God’s Reasoning, His Great Power, is beyond our imagination or comprehension, but all things surrounding us have a purpose, and if we look well into these things, we will always find they are a Reflection or a Direction of God Himself.

Ask yourself: ‘How do I use time?  Do I, as a child of God, use the privilege of time carefully, to fulfill the reason for time and the purpose it was intended by God?  In my personal habits regarding the physical aspect of life, do I take the time to honor God through my example, through my works and through my prayers?  Do I forget that time is important and do I misuse it?  Do I abuse it?’

The beauty of time is in the many ways it can be spent, the many areas of life it can encompass.  The beauty of time is limitless.  The beauty of time is the reflection of God’s Will in all things surrounding us.  Using the knowledge and talents we have to work with, live creatively and useful, to attain fulfillment physically and spiritually, time is our companion and our way.  The privilege of time is like a beautiful Gift, to do with what we want, what we will, and to enjoy to the fullest what we have.

Each day we must remember to thank God for time.”

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