ON AUGUST 26, 1977 AT 9:00 PM

“In no way can man put God in one channel of life, one funnel of ingredient.  God is Liberal, God is Conservative.  God is Flexible, God is All the Colors we see and do not see.  God is All Wisdom, God is All Power.  God is the Judge for each of us in our destiny.  God is Perfection.  God is Hope.  God is the rational approach through which, by which, in which, we seek the morality of things.  God is Justice.  God is Truth.  God is Mercy.  God is Purity.  God is Motivation, Perception, Perseverance.  God is Faith.  God is Mobility.  God is Action.  God is Time.  God is All Things defined.

In God’s Love for mankind, God gave a touch of all things He is, for men to cling to, to absorb, to become involved in for the Goal of the Soul.

What is a Soul?  In reality, the Soul of each man in the world is the Hope, the Light, the Everlasting Life that men cling to, have to look forward to, for without the Soul, men would have no place to go, nothing but to be dissolved.  But God, in His Justice, Flexibility and Love, has given man the will to survive, to live, and to one day be eternally with Him for all time.”

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