ON OCTOBER 27, 1977 AT 11:55 AM

“A man can build a city.  All he has to do is start with people, an idea, a building.  But only God can build a City for Souls, for only God has the secret ingredient, the Inspiration, the Hope, the Faith, that it takes for men to be motivated, to seek, to follow and to do all things for the good of a Soul.  Only God would care enough to build a City, bearing His Name, giving men hope, with the accent on the Soul.

When men build cities, it is for human livelihood, human subsistence and monetary goals.  It is easy to attract men, to motivate men in this way, but these cities fall morally, physically, and in years to come they are called ‘old’.

The City Of God is a perpetual City, erected by Him so that all men will live forever with Him.  The scales do not balance out when a man weighs his city against these odds.

Each man has the privilege to help build The City Of God, but each man must understand that this City is for Souls; Faith is the criteria, hope is the manner, and time is the means.  All of these are God’s Gifts to men.  What is your decision?  Do you feel you can help build what God wants, the way He wants it, for the reason and purpose He intends it to be, for the good of your Soul to be with Him for All Eternity?”

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