ON DECEMBER 28, 1977


“The act of changing things is right when it creates and motivates the direction to improve what is already a correct and good standard practice.  Change that stimulates or motivates laxity, desecration, sacrilege, must be stopped.  Radical change oftentimes affects stability, standards, values, Faith, hope.

Let us, you and I, look to the circumstances that have taken place lately in Holy Mother Church.  Have they all been for the good of our Souls?  Have they all been to make us think of the Goal of Life — Sainthood?  Have they all instilled in us a desire to become more pious, to reach for purity and to love God more?

An honest answer to these questions has to be ‘No.’ Instinctively we knew the changes were leading us in the opposite direction God intended.  They were encouraging us to be too relaxed in our approaching God.  They were diluting our Faith, giving us freedom, causing confusion.  Some of the changes perhaps had good intent, but little sincerity, honesty and justice.

Our Blessed Mother, The Mother of God, The Tabernacle of Life, Light, Hope, was One of the first attacked by the devious, satanic plan; that was to remove the Tabernacle from the center of the Altar to the side of God’s Church, God’s House, or even to a hidden corner.

Humility is strength, but in certain men’s opinion, the few acts of humility we were involved in, attending Holy Mass, such as kneeling, were stripped because men made lame excuses for time and speed in our reception of The Beloved Body and Blood of Our Lord.  What has happened to the Faith of the men who walk in the Footsteps of Our Lord?  Why do they seek speed rather than Holiness?  Why do they eliminate the Beauty of each man’s Soul for the humanistic values of the world, teetering on paganism rather than Christianity?  How can a man justify abuse to The Body and Blood of Christ through the handing It to each man, woman and child loosely?  How will these men justify their actions?  Who actually did the brainwashing?  Who robbed them of their innocent, beautiful Faith?  Was it other men?  Were not these men who taught them to tolerate such laxity driven by satan himself?

All through time we have had eras of time when heresies and radical, obscene issues were tolerated, but it is time that Roman Catholics stand up and be counted for what they know is Truth.  Respect for God must come before all things.  Respect for how God intended Holy Mother Church to lead children must be fought for.  Men are accepting false obedience, lethargy, brainwashing, false loyalties, and are being led down the primrose path, designed by satan and promoted by man.”

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