ON MARCH 7, 1978


“There is no message through Bible History that any women walked with Christ in the same manner that men did.  The women followed Him, yes, to hear the Teachings, but because of the rugged circumstances in which they lived, it is unreasonable and ridiculous to think that He permitted women to travel with Him and the men.  Also, He was instituting Holy Mother Church, and showing by His Actions that He was forming a vocation of men to be the teachers and the priests to follow in the vocation He was demonstrating to them.

Why do women in our time feel that they can break the rules, the standards, that so obviously were laid down, set forth and directed through example, participation and purposeful action?  It is wrong to accept women on the Altar, serving in priestly privilege and priestly duties.  I do not say I feel they are inadequate to perform solemnly and lovingly and with a feeling that it is truly a privilege.  I do not say that they would become undignified. I do say they have no business on the Altar in the capacity they are allowed to be present now!

Why do men and women in the religious vocation of life feel they can improve on how Christ founded the Church, intended others to follow, laid down the rules by which and for which men would act?  Any improvement in the format of ceremony should always have in mind the original concept, the original format, and most certainly have Orthodox Doctrine as its basis.

If a priest deliberately forces a Roman Catholic to receive Communion from a woman, he is acting in a manner not just disturbing, but outwardly saying his vocation is watered down by his immature attitude toward the responsibility Christ Himself passed on to and through this vocation.

Don’t be brainwashed by letting men in the Church dilute the Magnitude of ‘Holy Communion’ with God!”

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