ON MAY 3, 1978


“This Family began with Joseph.  He was Faith, Stability, Protection, Justice, Provider, Teacher, Example of Vocation, Dignity.  In reality, He was the Foundation for the Spiritual Direction to come.

Our Heavenly Mother, Mary, through Her Birth, gave us the Light of reason and the purpose for the unity of a family.  She, in reality, was The Tabernacle for the Foundation of Holy Mother Church that would give Light to the world through the Birth of a Child Whose actions would one day be the final step for the Institution of God’s Church; a Temple of Heavenly Design and a formula of Love because of the Sacrifice that was to be left for a continuation of this Church to remain with men forever.

There were many areas of teaching.  They taught us the necessity of balance in human needs.  They set standards of disciplines.  They experienced needs for hope.  They, through Their actions and Their involvements, left a format of strength, fortitude, perseverance, love and hope.  They had a lifestyle and environment.  They had social obligations, and in all these so-called natural obligations, responsibilities and necessities, They taught and were Example of Spiritual growth.

There have been many parallels in History, but one never so great as the parallel of Saint Joseph’s time upon earth with His returning to the earth now through the Teachings, the Directions and Wisdom through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is bringing back to light the purpose and way that God, in His Love for man, once taught, instructed, directed and motivated the basic Faith established a long time ago. As it was then, it is now.

Through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, men have been given a task to accomplish building a physical City that will bespeak only what God wants for men to follow.  God is building His Own City to establish and re-establish Faith in men in the right direction, pointing out the Value of life, the Significance of life, the Purpose of life, and the means to attain Sainthood.  Men, involved in the physical aspects of this City, find that balance of existence in the world, in family, vocation and social aspects, combines the realities of necessary participations, and the parallel is noticeable to how The Holy Family walked upon the earth: Example through action.

The Holy Family’s physical lives, along with Their Spiritual Example, has traveled, passed on and persevered down through time.  They appeared ordinary.  They did not force others into fanatical endeavors.  No, it was the strength of Their Way, Their Example, and the Logic and Wisdom in Their Actions that stressed Importance to what They stood for.

You, too, can be great example for Truth.  Walk in dignity, seek purity, and be example of logic and wisdom.”

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