IN MAY, 1978


“The first Plan of God’s for man was linked with Himself.  Men and women, joined in the union of life, the marriage state, were to honor the privilege of procreation, bearing the responsibilities attached to it.

Marriage encompasses providing for the physical development, mental learning and Spiritual growth of children.  It holds the responsibility of example for the whole being.  It has many facets of deliberate direction.

Through this vocation of marriage comes the children who will follow the ‘religious vocation’.

The single state also has much responsibility.  It is an obvious and vulnerable state of life.  Much is expected from those who choose this state.  They are oftentimes deluged with others interfering with their personal life.  This state has an obvious impact on everyone.  In this way of life, people have the responsibility of example, charity, self-discipline, sincerity, dignity, and self-sustainment.

The layman’s responsibility is to be the benefactor for the support of Holy Mother Church.

The division of the laity from the religious vocation has a most definite line of distinction.  Each vocation has its distinct routine, encompassing definite privileges peculiar to a prescribed way of life; not intermingling of privileges, but both with distinct responsibilities, guidelines, standards, values and state.

A religious vocation does not give with it the privilege of procreation, but has its ‘lines of decision’ in Spiritual and other physical aspects.

The separation of vocations was truly shown by The Holy Family:  First, the Father, Joseph; then The Mother, Our Blessed Mother; and then The Son.

A definite Example was most assuredly a Lesson on how God The Father wanted men and women to walk and work together and yet have distinct responsibilities.”

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