IN MAY, 1978

“God forgive them for they cannot know what they are doing.

These words, perhaps not the same words used by Our Lord, but perhaps similar in meaning.

Today and each day in the last ten years, men and women have become bolder and less respectful where the Honor is necessary regarding the Greatest Gift in the world, The Holy Eucharist.

Arrogance, insolence, sacrilege, based on egoism, pride and a lack of Faith, seems to spur men on to such little respect for this Great Gift.

Laymen and laywomen, handling this Great Gift as though they have ‘the right’, is sadness to see, also very disturbing.  How can any layman or laywoman feel they have this right?

No man is pure, that is true, but the privilege of change belongs only to priests, the good ones or the bad ones; and common sense, logic and basic Faith would acknowledge that with this privilege, there must also be the privilege of giving this Great Gift to God’s children.

Who do these men and women think they are?  Are they so sure of their way that they do not recognize the division of vocations that God Himself gave to man?”

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