ON AUGUST 22, 1978


“Charity is like a diamond.  If it is in the rough it has no beauty, and in many ways, has no usefulness.  But charity, when it is cut to show all the facets of it, covers every facet of life men can reach out to, partake in, become involved with, and transfer hope through.

Charity is oftentimes misunderstood.  Charity, to some people, is giving, and yet for something in return.  Their charity demands to be remembered.  Graceful charity is a charity when circumstances call for it.  It is an acceptable form of sharing, giving, and reciprocation in thanks or thankfulness.  A charity that gives, without any strings, for the good intended, is responsible, productive, and promotes hope.  A charity that is automatic when a need occurs has a heroism in it.  It is lifesaving and creates lasting results.

Charity has so many facets.  Charity is gentleness to others, small acts of kindness, tolerance, considerateness, flexibility when needed, understanding, patience, perseverance, stability, dignity, integrity, justice, truth.

When Our Lord walked the earth, He was the Ultimate of charity, in charity, for charity, expression of charity, for every facet of life.  The Holy Family were put upon the earth for us to imitate the Grace, the responsibility, the whole way of life — charity in its fullest form.

It is never too late to learn about ourselves or to look at ourselves in not just a critical way, but a way of constructive change.  Charity is a way of life and is life-giving.  Charity has purpose.  Charity is purposeful.  It would be a full act of charity to ourselves and to all people we know, meet and ever associate with, if we would indulge in true charity.”

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