ON SEPTEMBER 26, 1978 AT 8:30 AM

“There are unlimited approaches to everything we do in life.  Because of this, we have learned that order to things gives strength to them.  To cross the street, we can run, walk, skip, hop, drive, ride a bike, jump; and there are other ways.  To eat our meal, we can eat with our fingers, utensils, or just let it slide into our mouths by tilting a dish or a cup.  We can even be fed intravenously, and of course, there are other ways.  When it comes to our dress, we have a choice in what we can wear, and we will determine color, mood and type.

Each of our approaches to just these three things can touch every life present who sees us.  Thousands of approaches are available every day to us.  It is our will that makes the decision of whether we will approach a person, a subject, a thing, an action, in an acceptable way or an unacceptable way.  We depend upon our will to help us be acceptable in society, to help us be successful as a human being.

Our will is an extension of our being, projecting the intention of our being, and can be a prevention against many things that are wrong, unkind, unjust, and not acceptable by other human beings.  Our will is not the deceiver.  It is the decision maker.  Our minds, determining what our will, will do, can sometimes be a great deceiver.

Men shout that they have bad luck.  Self-pity in any area can mean self-destruction.  Self-pity can destroy sound values, standards.  Self-pity can cause error.  Self-pity lacks motivation.  Self-pity prevents Sainthood.

There are many approaches to Sainthood.  The first, of course, is Sound Faith, Faith in God above all things, Faith that He is The Controller of all things, and the Faith that we must depend on Him for all things.  Faith is a Gift.  Faith has many facets to it.  Just to have Faith without action has no life in it, but Faith with action is stimulating and has much growth in it.  Faith without action stifles life, prevents hope and curbs courage.

The physical life must have a consistency of ingredients and ingredients with consistency.  Mental ability, attitude and activity gives strength to the whole of a person, because our attitude reflects from our mental thinking, our desires stem from it, our Faith is encouraged or discouraged by it.

Our ability to project to other people radiates from our mental observances, capacities, abilities.  Soundness in this area is important.  Our sin begins in our mental process, for though many may think sin touches the senses first, without the mental taking action there can be no sin.

The physical part of life needs much care, but should never become such an obsession that the physical is all a man concentrates on, omitting the need for a sound mental attitude, for without a sound mental attitude, all the action for the physical will be fruitless.  A strong body and a weak mind is not just a deterrent, but detrimental to every Sound Reason for our human life.

Our Spiritual growth, of course, reflects in our mental, our physical, and It is the Part of us that must grow, and there is no limit upon This Portion of us.  This is the Portion of us that is unlimited, for It can be in our thoughts, our physical can take the action, and our Spiritual growth grow to a boundless degree, giving us the desire, the Faith, the standards and the values necessary to become a Saint.

In order for the mental to grow, we have knowledge that we seek to project our mental abilities.  We can learn about many, many things.  Of course, in learning, we realize that legend and myth are different than facts, so we stabilize our mental knowledge in facts very often determined by other people in the past or in the present.

Our physical is dependent upon what has been determined as good for you:  food, exercise, physical comforts, and of course, rest.  The degree has been determined in many cases, many ways; the form, the manner.

But now let us reach out to the Spiritual.  God and God alone determined the food, the manner, the means, the way, the reasoning, the purpose, and He began it with giving us all we are.  Then, in His Protection of what He created, He gave us the Ten Commandments to be guided by so we could not stray, so we would not stray.  He allowed, as One of His Greatest Gifts to us, Portions of Himself to stand as we stand, to give us Holy Mother Church.  He knew, in His Ultimate Wisdom, that children have a way of forgetting or casting aside what they do not want to be bothered with.  So He left The Holy Sacrifice, a Portion of Himself, upon the earth, so we could never make the excuse, ‘out of sight, out of mind’.  Every day of our lives, God takes time to reach us in a special way, for a special reason, so we can grow in Faith, in love with Him; so we will desire with our mind, our action, to spend All Eternity with Him.

When a man makes a cast for a tool, a monument, or whatever, it is merely a cast to please an eye or to make something somewhat prominent, but when God made the cast for man, He added special ingredients with a consistency of format.  He gave man a mind and He gave man a physical, but He added His Love:  He gave man a Soul, He gave man a Guardian Angel and He gave man a will.  So be it.”

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