ON SEPTEMBER 27, 1978 AT 8:50 AM


“When Our Lord instituted Holy Mother Church, He created a format at the Last Supper of extending to the Apostles with Him, the formula of bread and wine that would have great meaning all through time.  He taught them about the Sacrifice that was to be made so that this Act of Change would have a soundness to It and a foundation for the Church that men were to follow in Faith.

He had taught them extensively in many areas, on many things, regarding the need for people to learn about the Purpose of being a human being.  He taught them about the Gift of Faith, the need for Faith in God, and that it was wrong to idolize wrong things.  He taught them about Christianity.  He taught them the Beauty of the constancy of His Presence that would remain through the Sacrifice that would be made, and not just the remembrance of It in the symbol of wine and bread, but that It would be a Real Thing, a Portion of Him through the Consecration meant.  He would bless These Words so that He would remain among the people for all time.

The Gift was so Magnanimous that it was difficult for the Apostles to truly comprehend It until the Gift was consummated at a given time.  Then the reality of His Words, the reasoning of His Words became evident when He arrived at the Pentecost.  It is evident that as The Three stood upon the earth, The Holy Family, They were there at the Pentecost in different Forms.  Our Heavenly Mother, as The Tabernacle of the Church, stood with the Apostles of Her Son.  She calmed their fears at this momentous occasion, for This was a Great Miracle and the Power of Discernment was realized here.

Our Lady would have been the only One Who could have taken such a role, for She was Part of God Herself and the Apostles knew that She was Special in the world.  When Our Lord entered in a Glow, it was not excitement that they felt, but the weight of such a Miracle and the burden of their role.

They had been taught by God Himself.  They were in the company of Him, and Bible History says the Tongues of Fire and the Wind were also in the room.  Who else could This have been but the Protector of the Church, The Holy Ghost?  Saint Joseph had to be there.  Logic would say it is so, for He was the Protector of The Holy Family in the world.  In this room, at that time, The Family was back together.  But it was the beginning for other men to follow in His Role.

Two thousand years later, we Roman Catholics share the privilege of this time.  Even though the clothing has changed and other words are added, the formula and the format is the same, for God has kept it like that.  Knowing the Truth of this Great Gift from Him should give each one in the world, not just the desire for purity, but the desire to please Him.  Men have omitted the Rules.  Men try to dismiss the Magnitude of the Gift He left, but we, as Roman Catholics, know if It was not God’s, It would not have lasted as long as this.  So as we realize this, we must stand up for It and stop allowing men to diminish It.”

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