ON OCTOBER 11, 1978


“What happened to the decency, the moral standards that were so much more evident in times of True Christianity?  Men, in these days, are using Christianity as a means to get other people to donate monies, to follow in their personal thinking, their personal values, their personal standards, their personal opinions, their righteous evaluations of Christian beliefs, even to the point that paganistic values are evident, personal gain obvious, false prophecy in its entirety.

When a man tells you he can cure you of mental illness, physical ailments, physical incapacities, it is his first lie to you.  True Christianity was not built on lies.  To see this hypocrite behind a closed door, in the privacy of his dwelling, not in a performance stage, would be most enlightening, discouraging and upsetting.  Even then, some people would justify it, not because they did not recognize it for the dual role, but only because they had been brainwashed into acceptance of it, brainwashed by false evaluation of what a Christian stands for, undermining the sound moral values, the sound moral standards that Christ Himself put into Christianity.

The first great step into Christianity were the Ten Commandments.  These laid down The Rules that were morally correct for obedience to God The Father.  This was not advertised as such, but logic shows the reality of it.  Moses was God’s outward action of training people in Christian beliefs.

If all the present-day evangelists were truly of God’s Direction, there would be far less immoralities, far fewer acceptable indecencies, greater attention to the Ten Commandments, more solemn devotions to God, and prayer would be put in the forefront as a way of life.

Progress in science should never diminish moral values, but do just the opposite.  If science is for the good of mankind, it will not encourage sinfulness, but encourage soundness and give hope.  Christianity is hope.  Morality is hope.  Truth is hope.  Stability is hope.

There can be no lies, no deception, no improper values in True Christianity.  Be aware of the lies you are exposed to in the easy acceptable form of accessibility to the world.  Television, big auditoriums, and volumes of books are being written, giving you the ‘know-how’, the ‘how-to’, and the interpretation arrived at through personal opinion and greed.  There is no charge for the Ten Commandments.”

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