ON OCTOBER 11, 1978

"M U T I N Y"

“Is mutiny just a hazard aboard a ship?  Does mutiny not wind its way through the Roman Catholics, in their acceptance of Pentecostalism and the Charismatic Movement; also, their allowing the diminishing of the Priesthood, plus the desecration permitted to Holy Mother Church?  There is no better word to describe this time in which we live.  It is a time of mutiny.

Mutiny begins with the personal opinions in developing untruths, which is the definition for heresy, coordinated with irrational evaluations on given subjects.  Mutiny rarely has a sound foundation.

Mutiny is a harsh word and a word not usually connected with the members of an Organization designed by God, instituted by Him and directed through His Teachings, but developed untruths by men who have big egos, an enormous amount of pride and selfish motives, creates a monster that turns into an uncontrollable force; in this instance, personal satisfaction, unreal realities, impure powers, paganistic standards, substandard reasonings.

I ask openly: ‘Are the men in the Church, the priests in all degrees of positions, looking at the soundness that they are trying to change into human understanding, watering soundness down to each person’s personal abilities, values, needs?  Does not true soundness have a foundation of solid truth, a firm base, and strength to stand up to all adversities?’

Why do the priests feel that their job must be shared by the layman?  In Our Lord’s time, thousands gathered.  He taught; He did not hand His Responsibilities to those standing in the crowd.  He did not hand to men and women, His Authority of handing to His sheep, His followers, His children, the Facts, the Truth, the Revealings He knew were to draw Souls to The Father.  The Apostles, in following Him, knew He was The Leader, knew He was The One with the Knowledge, and in no way were they allowed to diminish His Position.  When He passed on the Gift of Himself to them, He did it to just a few because the Power of Him is so strong.  And when a man has the Faith to believe that he stands in the True Priesthood of Christ, he knows he will get the strength to perform his duties, his privileges, without watering them down.

The layman’s job is the physical arrangement, such as buildings, administration.  Dependency upon the layman to support the Priesthood in the privileged areas is, in many ways, mutiny by the priest himself.”

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