ON NOVEMBER 16, 1978


“Why is it so easy for man to be practical, and oftentimes illogical?

Why is it so easy for man to accept immorality and not fight for morality?

Why is it so difficult to impress men with truth, when it is so easy to impress men with fantasy, myth, legend and theory?

Why does man, in all vocations of life, follow a formula that other men force down their throats, such as brainwashing, sensitivity programs, immoral gatherings, indecencies, promiscuities, indifference to moral values and sound moral standards?

Why do men gather to meet in groups that are thought to be stepping stones to success, rather than groups that are real stepping stones to Sainthood?

Why is man’s idea of success always status, not Sainthood?

Why do men feel that self-control, self-discipline is not for them, but for others who lived in the past?

Why does immorality intrigue men but not morality, when immorality takes no great courage or real challenge, but morality takes these things, and more, to accomplish?

With these questions, in examining one’s own thoughts, intentions, background, mode of life, soundness, values, standards, each man owes it to himself to answer these questions with honesty, in truth, and objectively.  Remember, status, in the eyes of man, is good, but not the last word.  God will have the last word.”

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