ON JANUARY 5, 1979


“Stop being so tolerant of so many wrong things happening and being accepted.

Tolerance bespeaks compromise, condoning, acceptance, indifference, whatever, weakness, not caring, irresponsibility.

Each of us who believe in the Ten Commandments have the responsibility to care about what is happening, what is being accepted, what standards for life are being set forth as criteria, and most of all, what is happening in Holy Mother Church.

Remember, change can be good and necessary, but never when it diminishes, belittles, or desecrates the Beauty, Purpose, Dignity, Reason and Soundness of how God has set up the Teaching and Format He wanted to be followed.

Some men find self-control and self-discipline difficult for themselves unless the formula or format is their idea.  These men set themselves up as ‘dictators’, not ‘men in service to God’, or who care about the members of Holy Mother Church, but men who want to control the faithful who are innocent, and whose Faith in God blinds them to man’s egoism.

When change is for good it rings soundness.  When change is just to appease, please, and be used to control man’s dignity in Faith, it is no good.  When a priest tells you what is to be, take these points into consideration:

1.  Is the change he demands logical, sound, moral, good?

2.  Will it encourage dignity to the Sacrifice of Holy Mass?

3.  Will it instill more purpose and understanding to Holy Mother Church and the Sacraments?

4.  Will the change show the faithful a direct path to obedience to God’s Commandments?

5.  Will the change encourage new vocations to follow the First Priest, Christ Himself?

6.  Will the change help the congregation (the members of Holy Mother Church) grow, because of its stability, meaningfulness, soundness, fullness in content, and its deliberate leadership into guiding all men to become Saints?

How can we eliminate all that God has given us and take up what man has sifted from this to accommodate his lack of desire to serve God with his whole being, according to the Ten Commandments, the Dignity of The Tabernacle housing the Sacrifice of God Himself, the strength, the security, the purpose, the order, the reason the Sacraments were directed for the good of men’s Souls?

Will the changes help men to see the beauty of humility, the purity necessary to grow in God’s service, and the Goal God intended for men’s Souls, to become a Saint?”

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