ON JANUARY 24, 1979


“The act of stripping things causes a dramatic effect.  It accentuates change, and many times promotes indecencies, immodesties, indignities, misunderstanding, impurities, impracticalities, impatience, and bespeaks sterility.

The action of making things bare, also can make them barren.

Stripping makes things colorless, lacking beauty, and makes them void of action.

The strippings that have taken place in Holy Mother Church are creating a colorless and cold atmosphere.

Stripping the temple, the church, the edifice, of statues, kneelers, candles, dignity, stability, sound standards, sound values, with little or no reminders of Who God Is, our need for dependency upon Him, the beauty of Holy Days; the need for ‘standing up to be counted in little ways’, such as open acknowledgment that ‘I am committed to eat fish on Friday because My Church says so’; the small act of humility of covering the hair of each woman — perhaps these insignificant open ‘Acts of Love’ were not going to make us Saints, but they were reminders.

To stand in God’s Presence all the time would not acknowledge Him for Who He Is, What He Is.  To be so bold as to eliminate humility in His Presence is almost too much brashness, even for the most lukewarm Roman Catholic.

What has happened to the ‘not feeling worthy to receive The Body and Blood of Christ’?

People are stressing doctrine, Bible, charismatic, the gift of tongues, evangelism, but few are stressing our behavior in God’s House; how God should be the center of attention, with the stressing on Honoring Him, obeying His Ten Commandments, developing our Faith to become more selfless instead of arrogant, prideful, egotistical and selfish, not recognizing God as our Master, our King, our Creator.

It’s time to Stop, Think and Remember, without God we are helpless, hopeless and lost.”

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