ON FEBRUARY 22, 1979

“I don’t care.

I don’t feel it is important.

I’m too tired to bother.

It costs too much.

These phrases, decisions, clichés, draw conclusions, never solutions.  Wouldn’t it be a terrible thing to hear God say, ‘I don’t care.’ This is an unthinkable statement when we connect it to God.

Caring takes time, effort, self-discipline, self-control, involvement, charity, love, concern, understanding, sincerity and justice.

Caring takes less time than not caring, because while all the talk, unkindness, disagreement, fussing, hurt and brutality is taking place, the situation could be solved, celebrated instead of ignored or dismissed, or the progress could be accomplished that was meant to be in the first place.

A wise man looks to a wise decision.  Caring takes less time and has all the sound results.  Why waste time in not caring?

For Lent, give God what you expect from Him — CARE.”

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