ON FEBRUARY 22, 1979

“Why do men close out this thought: ‘Example is the greatest teacher’?  Why do men diminish the value of example?  Why do men forfeit ‘leadership’ to others through and with poor behavior, untidy habits, uncontrolled speech, immodesty, immoralities, impurities, a lack of manners, a lack of integrity, a lack of self-discipline?

Why do some men use stubbornness instead of logic?  Why do some men thrive on ego even when they know they are wrong, and that their ego has no substantial foundation to reality?  Why do men think practical and omit logical?

Why do men refuse to say, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t know how’?

These questions are important.  It is important for each of us to face our behavior, our attitude, our understanding of why we were born and to look at the reality of our behavior pattern, to alert us, to remind us, and to help us face life in a more productive, beautiful way.  These questions are meant to have each one who reads them, correct what they see in themselves as deterrents to Sainthood.”

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