ON FEBRUARY 23, 1979

“For Lent, let us take as our Guide, the Ten Commandments.  Let us use These as our means of examination of conscience daily.

The greatest step to true reparation, penance, charity, love and obedience, begins with our love for purity, and there is no greater way to purity than to climb the ladder, day by day, rejecting, relinquishing, casting aside, dismissing, omitting, our wrong thoughts, our wrong actions, and our wrong deeds.

Obedience to the Ten Commandments can become a way of life, rather than just at times when we feel ‘conscience bound’ to correct our weaknesses, our errors, our impurities.

An act of charity is good when it is pure.  An act of love is right when it is pure, when in it there is no selfishness, but selflessness.  Example is good when it is accomplished for good in purity of thought, word and deed, barring self-love and weak morality.

Make Lent a beginning of how you will live from now on, holding the Ten Commandments as your Guidelines for the whole of your life.”

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