ON APRIL 18, 1979


“About three thousand years ago, God gave to a man, Moses, the Ten Commandments for all men to live by.  These Commandments were full of many, many definitions, descriptions, and each Commandment was elaborated upon to its fullest degree to cover every facet of man’s life.

As this passed from Moses to other men, the fullness became less and less.  God’s intention for These Commandments, through the fullness He handed to Moses, was all that man would need to live by to become a Saint.  There was nothing left out in guidance, and there were no paths of life omitted.

Man, in his desire to cut corners, to simplify, has broken down the magnitude of These Commandments of God to but a few words.  After the delivery of These Commandments, through the span of approximately one thousand years, God saw man abuse, water down and diminish These Commandments.  In God’s Love for man, He gave man something else, Holy Mother Church.

Once again, as He had done in the beginning, in the Creation of the world and in all forms of life, He took from Himself, Portions that would give the stability and the Divine Love necessary to create, to establish and to form the One True Church.  He gave, in the form of human flesh, the Protection, which, of course, was Himself, but in man’s way called ‘Joseph’.  Then, because He had created woman to bear the life of all mankind, He gave that Portion of Himself to the world to be The Tabernacle of Life, as the Continuous Communication for all time to come, in the form of flesh and blood so men could handle this Great Gift.  She was called ‘Mary’.

God’s understanding of man is not just unique, but infinite.  His Logic, in Its soundness, established the Foundation of Holy Mother Church with Forms of Human Life, which, in reality, were Forms taken from His Being.  Through The Protector and through The Tabernacle, The Son of God came to life.  This was God’s Infinite Love, to leave Himself upon the earth for all time; His Plan again, Divine Love.

The Magnitude of this Love is too much for man to understand, to comprehend, or to even fathom.  It is similar to the Creation of the world.  It was God Who breathed the life into man.  It is God Who gave man the Ten Commandments.  It is God Who gave the world Holy Mother Church.  Through this acceptable formation of human life, He taught, He blessed, and put the seal of approval on the beauty and the reason for the unity of man and woman.  He gave us the Sacraments to strengthen our Faith, to show us the necessity of cleanliness, purity.  The Teaching was simple, sound, logical, and men were told to repeat this to others.  The repetition of the Teaching has lasted all this time.

The Magnitude of Love shown by God, first with the Ten Commandments and then the establishment of a Temple, a Church, is beyond our comprehension.

In two thousand years, man again has diminished, watered down, diluted, in many ways, this Treasury of Love from God Himself.  Now again, because of God’s Love, He has sent to us The Miracle Of Saint Joseph and The City Of God.  The Teachings, in twelve years, have most assuredly covered all the Beauty of the Ten Commandments and the Special Blessing of the institution of Holy Mother Church.  Through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, the Teachings, the Directives combined, have been the Greatest Gift since the first time that God openly taught.

Men have a way of diminishing Faith, in their desire to fit it in to their way of life.  They use Faith to fortify themselves in times only when it is practical for them.  Our whole life should be a living Faith in God.  Our very existence should keep in mind at all times the Purpose for which each of us was born:  to return to God in the state and in the manner and through the means that God prescribed.

Man shouts rights:  the right to live, the right to pray, the right to work, the right to do this, the right to do that.

Men forget to say it is a privilege to have been born.  It is a privilege to have Faith in God.  It is a privilege to have Holy Mother Church.  It is a privilege to have The Rules to live by, direct from God Himself.

Men should remember rights have many limitations.  Privilege is so much more than rights could ever be.  Privilege has dignity, integrity, responsibility.  Privilege has love, honor, respect.  Remember each day of your life, it is a privilege to be alive.  It is a privilege to know what is right.  It is a privilege to serve The Creator of All Things, All Mankind.  It is a privilege to be a part of His Plan for the good of man.”

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