ON APRIL 18, 1979


“Loyalty has a very important place in our whole existence, but sometimes we place the role of loyalty only to human involvement, human dependency, human relationship.  Loyalty is rarely openly associated with God, but it is time that we look at this in respect to our Faith in Him.

We do not see our dependence upon God, but we believe in His Loyalty to us.  We depend upon His Loyalty through what we know about Him, in the Teachings He gave to us, and in the promise that through our efforts, our Faith, that He will never be disloyal to us.

How many times have you been disloyal to Him?  You can be assured, many.  In disobedience to His Commands, we are disloyal.  The First Commandment openly says to us, ‘… Thou Shalt Not Have strange gods Before Me’.  We oftentimes rationalize, theorize, analyze where our loyalty at a given moment should be.  We never seem to feel that our actions, our loyalties are not with Him.  But a true examination of conscience should reveal to us that we have placed in our lives a person, place, monetary measure or thing, before our Divine King.

It is time we review our loyalty to Him.”

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