ON MAY 4, 1979


“What does it mean to be a Spiritual child to a True Mystic?  This, of course, has much more meaning to it than is conceivable to man.

In the true sense of the words, a ‘Spiritual child’ says this child, this individual must cooperate with the Spiritual Direction of the True Mystic, and cooperate in working for purification for the Soul.  A Spiritual child is not just the receiver or the recipient, but is involved in the actual commitment, as an individual, to strive for Sainthood.

To be a Spiritual child says the acceptance of Guidance for the good of one’s own Soul.  It says: ‘I will prepare myself to reach a higher plane of understanding of my Faith for the good of my Soul.’ It says: ‘I will take a course of action that will strengthen my Faith.’ It says: ‘I will seek purity as God intended it to be, through the physical use of the Ten Commandments He gave to me, through the observance and respect that Holy Mother Church teaches me; and, that the Teaching, the Direction I receive through the True Mystic will not just encourage me, but be made an active part of my life.’

True Mysticism is given to the world through an individual who performs totally at the Command of God, obeying the Demands of His Directions, and is totally committed to Divine Will.  In this relationship of the Master and the child, there is a definite purpose in God’s singularly choosing a specific human being for His Purpose.  The Direction, the Teachings, channeled through one individual, permits no chance for interpretation, opinion, theory, analyzation, for the union of commitment is totally a oneness for the Purpose of God Alone.

The Magnitude of True Mysticism is not totally understood by man.  In the many books describing the lives of True Mystics, it was impossible to capture the true depth, the true communication, the true reality of this responsible way of life.

As the True Mystic accepts Spiritual children, it is always with the intent, first, of God, for this child’s good.  The relationship between the True Mystic and the Spiritual child is not one of compromise from the True Mystic, nor is it one of favoritism regarding one Spiritual child over the other.  This association, relationship, is one of constant concern of the True Mystic regarding the child’s behavior, the growth of the child’s Faith, and the perseverance of the child in seeking purification.  A reprimand or a scolding from the True Mystic to the Spiritual child must never be misunderstood, for it is always to alert, to awaken the child’s lethargy or indifference to the Great Purpose of life for the Soul.  There is no personal aggravation, antagonism or intent.  There is balance to the responsibility of the Direction, the Teaching, the correction, that is necessary for the good of the Spiritual child.  So be it.”

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