ON MAY 4, 1979


“Just what does your Faith consist of?  Is it belief in God?  Is it belief in a hopefulness?  Is it belief in the power of man?  Is it in knowledge?  Is it in your own capabilities?

For the most part, when we speak of Faith, we connect it to our Faith in God, our belief in Him, our dependence upon Him.  This is the Faith we will talk about now, our Faith in God.

First off, our Faith in God is our Faith primarily in His Existence, and then our dependence upon His Justice.  It is innate in man to want justice.

Faith is a living part of our whole being.  Faith is an active part of our whole existence.  Faith is our understanding that there is more to the whole existence of man than just being man.

Men have theorized Faith for an innumerable amount of years.  Our Faith in God is hope, not just in troubled areas or times, but just knowing that God is the Justice of life, for life, in life, with life, has an assurance and insurance to it that gives stability to our whole being.

We know God will not ask the impossible from us.  We know that God understands us and is totally aware of our limits, our nature, our capabilities, our talents, our desires, our actions.  Faith is a never-ending subject.  It is unlimited.  Faith is an intrinsic part of our whole being and has a purpose totally God-driven, God-given.

Today, we stand in Faith, celebrating, commemorating a great day in Heaven when Our Heavenly Mother was Crowned ‘Queen of Heaven’.  In our littleness, in our Faith, in our belief in Heaven, we want to share in this Moment of Glory that was given for our whole benefit.  As children imitate their parents, today we imitate our Heavenly Parents, showing a child’s love for our Mother, tenderly singing and placing a crown upon Her Head, showing Her that we, too, share in this Loving Act of God toward Her.

Faith is a Blessing, Faith is a Gift, Faith is a Grace, Faith is a sharing, Faith is a hope, Faith is a commitment, Faith is a dedication, Faith is a reverence, Faith is a child’s way of loving.  Faith is an important part of our whole life, because Faith gives us Purpose for life.

At this time of celebrating such a Beautiful Occasion that occurred in Heaven, it is a good time for all of us to be reminded of our belief in what Heaven truly is, what Purgatory is for, and that Hell truly exists.

Many times through the centuries, when Faith appeared strong, in so many directions there was an overzealous determination to put all things in a humanistic evaluation and omit the reality of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell.  It is much like this in our time.  Ask yourself:  Is Heaven unthinkable for you?  Is Hell unthinkable for you?  What thoughts do you have on Purgatory?  Is it possible that you do not feel there is a Hell or there is a Purgatory?

The Reality of God, the Greatness He Is, the Perfection He has to be, makes it obvious that in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we will have to be in a pure state.

Dying with the ‘Blessing of The Sick’ does not guarantee immediate placement in Heaven for any of us.  For every blemish, every scar, every shadow of imperfection caused by sin upon our Soul, we will have to spend time in a degree of Purgatory to make atonement to erase any mark upon our Soul.

When we put something into our body, we want it to be unharmful.  We strive to have it as pure as possible, for we know that if it has a poison substance in it, or it has bacteria of any kind that could bring death or severe illness, we not only shy away but we are repulsed by the idea, by the mere thought of it entering our body.  Logic tells us: ‘Be careful! Watch out! Be alert!’ Many times we put more emphasis on physical harm that could occur to us than we ever put on Spiritual harm that is much easier to come by.

It is rare that we use every effort possible to not allow a blemish, a scar, a shadow, to happen to our Soul.  It is time that all people realize, understand and act upon their obedience to God’s Great Gift to all of mankind, and this, of course, is the Ten Commandments.  God Himself gave us the Soundness, the Means, the Way, the Words, the Directions that He prescribed for the purity of our Souls.  None of These Directions, Commands, Demands, are impossible for men to live with, live by, live in, each day of man’s life.

The Ten Commandments, about three thousand years ago, were given because of God’s concern for man’s lack of concern for the Soul God wanted returned to Him.

Man’s indifference, about two thousand years ago, brought about another Great Gift of Love from God.  This Gift of Love was the constant, personal touch with Him, ‘Holy Communion’ with Him, to give us Spiritual strength, Spiritual hope, Spiritual communication, Spiritual enlightenment, Grace.

How can anyone, seeing the value of the Ten Commandments, the purpose for which They were given, deny the Magnitude of Them, and not know that only God could have covered every facet against impurification in such an orderly way, in such respect for our nature, our personality, our environment, our culture?

Again, God’s Love is expressed in a personal, communicative way, through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.  Thousands of Lessons have been given to the whole world, repeating the Ten Commandments, the purpose for Them, the need men have to obey Them, to follow Them, teaching man the necessity for respect, reverence, and the understanding of why Holy Mother Church was instituted; also, insisting that man realize the value of ‘Holy Communion’, recognizing the Divine Love that was projected in this Act of Love to give men Hope and Personal Union with God.

Today, and every day of our life, we should remember one prayer.  It can be short or it can be lengthy, but whichever we choose to make it, we should never forget to say it.

‘Thank You, God, for the privilege of being a human being, for the privilege to partake in Faith, and for the assurance of Your Justice that You will hand to me one day, as You once handed me the breath of life.’”

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