ON JUNE 12, 1979


“If someone says to you, ‘I want to save my Soul; I want to go to Heaven when I die; I want to begin to work to become a Saint; I want to shorten Purgatory for me; I certainly don’t want to go to Hell,’ how would you begin to answer them?  What instruction, what direction would you immediately give?  Then, if they added: ‘I haven’t done anything to kill someone or I haven’t stolen anything,’ what would you say?

Even though people ask a question, they very often want an answer they can be comfortable with, and one that doesn’t deal with too much change on their part.

Most people rarely feel the Ten Commandments apply to them personally.  Our setting aside the Ten Commandments when we try to evaluate our status in the Eyes of God is ridiculous.  They were given to us as The Guidelines to live by and The Rules and Commands to follow.  To diminish or de-emphasize the important part They play in our lives is living in the delusion that we are not touched by Them, or do They affect us in any way.  They were given for all mankind.  They are all men’s Rules.  We must follow Them and obey Them.

Men are shouting, ‘Love thy neighbor.’ They are looking at a relationship of familiarity, dependency, and total acceptance of whatever the neighbor may be, moral or immoral.

People are depending upon ‘Love, Love, Love’, whether it is a mushy relationship of insecurities, building up a friendship or intimacy of togetherness, or it is promoting a false charity of surface caring and sharing.  It is not a sound ‘love’ but a weak attempt at being in love with love.

Love, in man’s definition, is far from the real purpose and meaning of Pure Love that God Is, and intended for men to express.  Men oftentimes portray only weakness because of a lack of true understanding of what sound moral values and sound moral standards truly are.

Ask yourself if you see the distinctness between these two ways of life:  Moral, Immoral?

What is immorality?  It is offenses against God and against His Commandments.

We can be immoral in our lewd actions.  We can be immoral in our drawing indecent physical attention with suggestion against purity.  We can be immoral in downgrading another human being.  We can be immoral in our teaching of injustice, unjust acts, unjust opinions.  We can be immoral if we are indecent example to others.  We can use immorality in discussion, in forms of writing, in forms of photography.  We can draw others into immoral actions with us, through our impure suggestions, evaluations, opinions, descriptions, drawings.

Immorality has a wide scope of types.  For every blemish, scar, shadow of sinful actions, sinful thoughts, sinful intentions, there is a type of immoral offense against God and His Commandments.

Immorality involves wickedness, stealing, slander, gossip, lewd actions, unchasteness, evil.  Immorality is the total opposite of morality.  Immorality has a cunningness in it, and though it is against The Rules and Commandments of God, many times it is an acceptable form of life because it appears justifiable in its dealings with man’s nature and physical aspects.

Immorality, in itself, kills respect, but this is not the type of crime that men look at in the seriousness it is.  Any offense against God is serious.  In justice and respect for God and to God, any taint of offense is wrong.

We know God to be Pure.  We know God to be our Creator and our Savior.  We know that God is The Controller of the universe and of all forms of life.  Knowing all these things, and then being offensive toward Him, in reality, is contrary to a reasonable, realistic approach, acceptance, and respect to Almighty God, Who Is The Supreme Being.  Then why do we dare, how can we dare, to offend Him in any way?  His Love gave us the Ten Commandments.  His Pure Reasoning gave us The Rules for us to follow, for us to use in our physical life.

When God gives a Great Gift of any kind, whether it be a teaching, a direction, a personal favor, it is always for the good of our Soul.  Our Soul must return to God, for It is That Portion of us that He intends to live with Him for All Eternity.

He has given mankind Hope, and He has given mankind a particular Temple, a Church in which to Honor Him, in which to see Him, and in how He wants man to follow Him.  He gave us His Example that He wanted us to follow, through a Holy Family.  Each of Them was a Portion of Him.  He gave to us the form of a Man, ‘Joseph’.  This was to establish Fact, Format, Example, for Holy Mother Church.  He combined the establishment of Holy Mother Church with His Approval and His Love for the family way.  With all His Spiritual Love and Direction, God has given the world to be guided by, first, the Ten Commandments, and then Holy Mother Church.  Man’s lack of Faith in God has caused, in our time, a great Spiritual famine.

Famine is caused by a lack of specific necessary items.  For a long time now, we have lived in a vacuum that contains a Spiritual famine.  This famine was caused by a lack of sound leadership, sound direction, basing little direction on what God Himself gave, the Ten Commandments and Holy Mother Church.

Now the world is in a man-made, created, Spiritual famine.  Men are starving for Truth, starving for true leadership in the Spiritual way, and are confused by the self-made evangelists who speak with tongues that only please themselves and the enemy of God.  Famine such as this is a disaster, for there is no strength in the unification men insisted upon.  They mixed impurities with Pure Fact, causing a watering down, a diluting, a diminishing and a drought, leaning upon man’s false gift of power rather than God Who Is All Truth, Purity, Power, Powerful and Everlasting.

A Spiritual famine is worse than an agricultural famine because a Spiritual famine dries out and destroys man’s Faith, leaving man hopeless, inadequate, and dependent upon weakness and men’s inadequacies.  An agricultural famine can be conquered more easily when men have their Faith in God.

True Faith in God gives a hope beyond the elements of the earth, for in this Faith, men have a strength to fight to conquer even the impossible.

In prayer, men gather strength to persevere against all odds.  A Spiritual famine depletes men of energy, strength, hope, the ability to persevere, and promotes depression and leaves man helpless.

Faith in God instills balance to things, creates motivation to conquer what is wrong and to find the Light of Hope.  Spiritual famine must be recognized as being present before it can be wiped out.  Remember, awareness, then action, then follow-through is the answer to conquering what is wrong.

Great emphasis has been put on humanistic equality with Jesus.  This big push toward Jesus de-emphasized the Divinity of God, and undermined the necessity for proper devotion and dignified attendance at Holy Mass, and in the building, in the church itself.

Familiarity did not help people grow in dependence upon God, but dependence upon human rights, conditions, acceptance and decisions, omitting The Supreme Power, The Supreme Being and The Supreme Existence.

Now it is up to us to build The City Of God according to God’s Directions and Will, so that His Intention and Hope for His children will make men of all denominations see the values of the previous Teachings and why each facet of These Teachings were so directed.  Their worth must show and the Direction in Each One must be seen; not just a reminder of Moses and the Ten Commandments, but a total reiteration of the Purpose, the Reason and the Value to such an Important Time in the creation of man.  God’s Commands are a Treasure, never to be forgotten, always to be obeyed.  The City Of God will not just portray but teach, for many reasons, through many sources, the necessity for These Rules, These Commandments to be restored.

The land was purchased to build a City for the Spiritual needs and growth of all human beings.  It is Roman Catholic, but is open to all who want to come and learn what God Wills them to know for their return to Him.


What is meant by the re-establishment of Holy Mother Church?

The definition for this can be summed up in many ways, perhaps not to the satisfaction or the ego of certain people, but nevertheless, in the reality it truly is meant to be.  It would be difficult for some men to see this happening in a world like we have now, but it is the world we have now that has forced This Great Miracle Of Saint Joseph to be put in the midst of all people.

When something is re-established, it by no means cuts out or eliminates the foundation and its true purpose, nor does it cause a total change.  What it really means is, it reaffirms, reconfirms, and forms a stronger stability and balance, using materials, information, facts and formula to restore the structure that was first established.  Re-establishment means refurbishing something that needs repair.

In this Statement that The Miracle Of Saint Joseph was given to the world to re-establish Holy Mother Church, is in no way belittling the Soundness or established Truth that Holy Mother Church is; but, due to the relaxed direction and watered down teachings that have occurred, diluting the stability, strength and structure of the Church that God Himself gave to us, He is coming through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, reinforcing the establishment of His Church for the good of men’s Souls.

The constant Revelations and Teachings through This Great Miracle give solid foundation to the fact that God’s Love for His Church is not weakened because the Faith of the children is weakened.  But God, as He did when He established Holy Mother Church, sent first, Saint Joseph (the Wisdom of God, The Holy Ghost) as The Protector to lay the ground rules and quietly yet firmly be Example of stability, strength and protection for The Tabernacle of Life (Our Blessed Mother), and then as The Guide and Guardian for The One Who would teach and direct (Our Lord), once again God is reaching out to all His children, teaching in a simple form, easily understood, and fitting into each man’s life in many ways and areas.  The Lessons are simple yet profound, always with God’s Will for the child’s Soul.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, for twelve years, has revealed to all who would listen, the soundness in why they were born, how they can become a Saint, correcting their faults, correcting their misinterpretations and perfecting their Faith, realizing the Goal of life is Sainthood.

The re-establishment, in so many words, is this:  not so much new Teaching, but reviving and reviewing and instilling the First Teaching into the minds of men, showing them the logic of their Faith in God, a Truth they must seek, and the Purpose for which Holy Mother Church was established and then instituted.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph came to the world for many reasons, too numerous to mention here, and most certainly they were all God’s Reasons.  Prayer was taking on a humanistic value, totally eliminating the Supremacy of God and placing a totally humanistic acceptance of Him and where He was concerned.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, according to the Revelations received, instructs man to put God in His Rightful Place as The Supreme Being, and is teaching the Magnitude of Love God showed by handing to the world Portions of Himself, forming Each Portion as a particular Part of His Church, giving the Infinite and Divine Strength to this One True Church:  Saint Joseph, Our Blessed Mother, Our Lord.

Men have been blessed by The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.  It is a Beautiful Gift from God.  It is a Blessing, not in disguise, but in open reality for the whole world.  To enumerate the Blessings would be impossible, for there are all types of Blessings, all dimensions of Blessings, many ways in which men were blessed, given strength, and shown the True Purpose for which they were born as man.

It is God’s Will that men see This Great Miracle as He wants them to see It:  a Truth, a Formula, a Format, not to replace the doctrine already established, but to re-establish man’s understanding and to re-establish men’s strength in the Beauty of what they have, Holy Mother Church.”

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