ON JUNE 27, 1979


“Of course, it was men, who through time, gathered, formed, and put to logical use, sound reasoning and sound standards, setting a precedent for ceremony for Roman Catholics to have what would be good for their Soul.  No true Roman Catholic sees it in an unrealistic way.  The format was good, the formula good.  Holy Mass had dignity.  It gave all who attended a wide range of the teachings of Holy Mother Church that God wanted man to have.  Anything from God is not just by chance; it has soundness in it, and behind it.

All through the History of man, there have been periods wherein men became exceptionally abusive to God, to His Church, through the ideas, the formulas, the theories of men who stood in authoritative positions.  This is always sad; and even more than sad, it is pitiful to see men of intelligence act insufficiently, act insubordinately, act in disgrace.  If these men were questioned by sound authority, the reasoning would be theory, opinion, personal concept, personal view, personal ideas, and many times there would be no soundness, only antagonism or refusal to accept a true concept of things, wanting to change things just to change things; not caring about the results, but participating to participate, acting to act, speaking to speak, writing to write, with no feeling of true responsibility, full responsibility to God’s Will, only man’s weakness showing.

Men were used by satan to not update Holy Mother Church, but were made to be instruments of destruction, through false interpretation, through personal implication, and weak thinking in regard to what Faith in God was all about.  They omitted one very grave, great, important aspect in their learning, and that was to see Faith as God intended it to be:  Faith in the Power of God, Faith in the Authority of God, Faith in how God would hand to man, Rules, a Church in which to communicate with God in a given manner, and how God would, through men who had Faith, leave a great mark of stability, soundness, strength and hope.

God left Signs, reminders, definite patterns for us to follow.  The first Great Sign, example, reminder, that He left, were the Ten Commandments He gave a long time ago, and They have remained for at least three thousand years.  The next Sign was the Birth of the Church.  All things surrounding this Birth have been left for us to reiterate upon, think about, and go to.  The Tabernacle of Life was important for us to know about, for Our Heavenly Mother is The Tabernacle of God.  She is The Tabernacle of Holy Mother Church.  It is through This Tabernacle that we find the Beauty of our Faith, the Core of Holy Mother Church, the everlasting result of God’s Love for mankind; His reminder that He loved us so much that He came to the world and left for all time, the constant Communion with Him, showing His Church, His Tabernacle as the Container, the Means to not just express our Faith with, but to use in Adoration of Him.

The Tabernacle was the first Part of Holy Mother Church that satan attacked openly.  Satan could not have gained one foot into the door if weak men had not allowed this to be.  What reasoning does man have to place The Tabernacle, that God Himself gave us, to the side of the church, to a hidden corner, to the back of the church, to an inconspicuous place?  It is unrealistic to even think about.  It is ridiculous to even comprehend.  It is abominable to allow it to occur.  It is sinister, it is subversive, it is satanic! There is no sound reasoning to it or in it.  Theory is not sound reasoning, and theory is the only thing that man can come up with in this disgraceful action.

In the real progress of Holy Mother Church, sound reasons, sound standards had purpose, and the formality that was formulated and set for ceremony and participation was action of Faith, and for growth of Faith in God.  It is not a case of being a traditionalist or a liberal that is the focal point of this conversation or concern.  It is ridiculous to change what is good, what is understandable, what is strengthening, what is stability, what is security, and pretend to update it by justifying taking it back centuries in thoughts, words and actions.

In the bringing back the loaves of bread and the drinking of the wine from the chalice, in imitation of how the Apostles and the people of that time were handed Holy Communion, it is not updating Holy Mother Church or is it progress in the true sense of the word.  It is returning, it is backtracking to a time when a different way of doing things was necessary and palatable to the people of that time.  In reality, it stresses the culture of that time.

Progress is beautiful, necessary, and most certainly exciting and interesting.  It gives hope when progress is sound and promotes more progress.  In the true sense of updating anything, it provides a better method, it shows reasonable action, and it promotes sound thinking.

Many times, men, driven by a force beyond their own understanding, a force that uses their weakness rather than their strength, find themselves justifying their abnormal actions, abnormal thinking, by their saying a word that promotes others to think in the direction of the word and not look at the subversiveness, the deceit, the corruptness, the egoism that is the point of direction.

Many things that men say are updating Holy Mother Church are pure nonsense.  Nonsense has its place, for in nonsense we sometimes see humor, comedy, mischievousness and laughter.  But when nonsense is ridiculous, in its selfishness, permissiveness, promiscuity, stubbornness, egoism, vanity, unstable thinking, unreliable sources, nonsense is not just annoying, but, in its unpredictability, is disastrous.

Roman Catholics are not the fools they are being shown to be.  A true Roman Catholic sees through the wrong, and all through time, it is the true Roman Catholic who weaves the Church back into its beautiful order God intended.  A true Roman Catholic fights with prayer, honesty, dignity, sincerity, charity, hope, and love for God.  He acts in Faith, but in this strong Faith in God, there is stability, honor, dignity, humility, sacrifice, penance, an unerring strength, and a force of stability.  It is time true Roman Catholics stand up and be counted for what it means to be a True Roman Catholic.

When men pay honor to another man and they enter his house, he is the focal point of their attention, he is the one they greet with respect, he is the one that is the center, the core of the whole meeting.  Even when people drift to other rooms because of the social obligations or the protocol of the place, their attention is always on the one in charge, the one to whom the respect, the authority is seen.

In Holy Mother Church, God is the Authority, and when we visit Him in His Church, He should be the focal point.  He should be The One we address first.  He should be The One Who is the center of attention.  He should be The One to Whom we place our thoughts, our feelings, our prayers, our actions, our whole physical being.  It is necessary for man to have signs and symbols.  In Holy Mother Church, we have so many beautiful things to remind us of why we were born, the Purpose of our lives, the Importance of our Soul and the Beauty of Holy Mother Church.  How can it be said that to destroy these things is updating Holy Mother Church?  The stripping of the statues, altar railings, and many other things, has given, not just an updated look, but an empty feeling to the whole church.

We do not pray to the statues, but the statues remind us to pray.  They remind us of the True Existence of God, of Our Blessed Mother, of Saint Joseph, and All The Saints.  But most important, The Tabernacle that holds the True Body and Blood of God Himself, is no longer the focal point, but cast aside as unimportant.  Only satan could have hated Holy Mother Church this much.  Only satan could have used men’s weaknesses to diminish this Great Tabernacle in the Church of God.  Only satan could hate God this much, and hate man perhaps even more, because man, through the action of Faith in God, with the need to pray, the need to have a stronger desire for purity, would grow more in love with God.  The sight of The Tabernacle and the constant reminder that God Himself is there, to encourage, to strengthen, to give hope when it is needed, telling all men to not be weak, but to be strong against immoralities, impurities, is important for all Souls.  Only satan, using man’s weaknesses, could have encouraged men to diminish this Great Gift of Love from God Himself.

Knowing that satan is encouraging men to make a ‘one world church’ should anger Roman Catholics very much, because Roman Catholicism was established by God; The Tabernacle is Our Heavenly Mother, and the Church was instituted by Our Lord.  It is time that Roman Catholics stop accepting the word ‘updating’ and the word ‘progress’, and look at what is really happening:  the infiltration of the cast-out angels who are now devils.


You, as a Roman Catholic, must see the beauty in having Faith, and not letting men, who have studied about it, lead you to perdition.

There is no substitute for Truth.  There is no debating Truth.  There is no argument that can justify untruth where Truth is, or should be evident.

The injustice that the men in the Church have not just expressed to the laymen, but have, in a bullying way, forced upon the laymen, has a tremendous effect on the Faith of the laymen.

It is true that some laymen in Holy Mother Church go along with what is happening.  Some laymen are participating in great detail to the improper changes that men in the Church decided upon.

Many laymen have found that the inconsistencies, the lack of charity, the unreasonable attitude, and the deceit in projecting, displaying and enforcing changes that have little reason behind them, is definitely more than shows on the surface.

It is degrading, not just to the laymen but the clergy, when dignity cannot be involved when a sincere question is asked, such as, ‘Why, Father?’

If changes are so right and reasoning so evident, then why are not the laymen respected and treated with a logical, sincere communication that enables the will of the laymen to express sincere feelings and concern, instead of the clergy acting as if the laymen have no rights?

The clerics are supposed to be men of so much Faith in God that charity prevails at all times, at all costs.  Charity is not meant as an abusive means but should be a deliberate act of concern, help, and solution that is beneficial, not detrimental in any way.


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