ON JULY 20, 1979

“One:  What do you have Faith in?

Two:  How is your Faith governed?

Three:  To what degree is your Faith in God?

Four:  Do you understand what Faith is?

Five:  Do you believe in Faith?

Six:  Do you see Faith in the true sense God intended it to be?

Seven:  Do you understand Faith?”

“A good point to remember:  Christian is a liberal word.

Roman Catholicism specifies a particular religion.

Protestantism is a general word.  A particular protestant church appreciates being identified.

Identity is important; it calls attention to someone, something direct.

The Charismatic Movement is just this — a movement.  It is not a religion.  It is a group of people gathering together to demand of God a unity with Him that is obvious to everyone present.  People who belong to this movement should remember no one has the right to demand anything of God, and God, in His Justice, His Wisdom, His Pure Love, does not respond to man’s demands.

Paganism is also a movement idolizing false gods.

The Satanic Movement is the lowliest form of human idolatry that exists.  A diabolical creed can only attract men who are egomaniacal, emotionally unstable, indifferent to charity, fidelity, chastity, lack sound moral values, sound moral standards, and sound thinking.  They are irrational in human dignity and foul in respect for human life.

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of the world.  Remember, a bird can fly in places ‘off limits’ to other people.  He can fly across open spaces.  He can sit in a tree and look in a window.  He can perch himself on a bush and listen to a conversation.  He has nothing to lose, and he really has no place to go, so his time is his own to travel the world and pass on to other birds what he has heard.

Isn’t it sad, or is it good, that a bird can’t write a book?  In the time in which you live, it is probably a blessing that he can’t talk, and he can’t write, and he can’t tell others what you do.

It must be disheartening for a bird to see the whole world collapsing into a quicksand of immoralities.  His instincts would tell him, soon there would be no trees to sit on, no houses to look into and no place to land, because logic would say, because of the horrible things in the world, God would have to show His Hand.  Man has instincts and man has conscience, but most of all, man has a will.

Man does not have to depend upon sheer or mere instinct.  Man has intellect, values, standards, Faith, conscience, and the ability to use the will to make decisions of great worth, sound help, and reasonable intention.

Immorality is the result of willfulness or weak wills.  The world is hungry for real heroes, great leaders.  What common denominator of human existence has torn down the willingness for man to stand in a competitive field, striving to forge ahead to heroism or great leadership?  Why do men relate only to the sick world we live in, bending their will to accepting immoral values and standards because they do not have the courage to fight for what is right, what is pure, what God Wills for man?

What constitutes a great leader?  In no way could this subject be covered in one paragraph, but to just touch on some of the highlights of this magnanimous subject brings to mind ordinary attributable, contributory ideas and ideals that constitute a great leader.

First:  He or she must have a sound mind, sound moral values and sound moral standards, Faith in God, restricted to a religion of order and sound concept; must be a man or woman of dignity, honorable, not just in the eyes of the world, but in the eyes of his or her family and co-workers; a man or woman who is distinct in the areas of capabilities and abilities, not always to excel in the mechanical portions, but who can motivate others who have this talent to being productive in an orderly, organized way for constructive reasons for the good of mankind.

A great leader is oftentimes quiet in manner, but sound in logic, affording others the use of their will, but overseeing the action so that the purpose or the goal is attained with high sound moral values and moral standards.

A great leader is one who encourages others to not just follow, but to accept the responsibility of human abilities, human dignities, human involvement.

A great leader recognizes, but never patronizes or compromises when there is default or faulty understandings.

The world is hungry for great leaders.  A great leader is not born.  A great leader comes from perseverance, sincerity, dignity, honor, and desire to accomplish, for the Will of God, what is good for men and good for himself or herself.

The world today could not be termed ‘healthy in concept, appearance or activities’.  It is not because the earth is not healthy, but because mankind does not have a healthy Spirit of life.

Competitiveness in business, in relationship with other men and women, has dwindled into acceptance of whatever is offered, creating a lack of sound competitive action, resting on whatever standard other men set as a way of life.  Immorality is obviously a standard to be recognized because it is a standard that radiates in every activity of life.  Men are educated, but the education has not promoted a higher standard for life.  If anything, it has promoted a humanistic equality that makes the standards for life what the lowest value actively allows.

Whatever happened to striving for Holiness:  Holiness in the manner God Wills it to be; Holiness in dedication to God above all things; total commitment to do His Will for the sake of one’s own Soul and for the Souls of all mankind?

Whatever happened to respect:  first, for how God would want us to be; secondly, for human life?

Holiness most certainly is not every man’s ‘cup of tea’, but Holiness should be a way of life that men strive to be a part of and to see.  It should be a goal for men to know is the Ultimate Goal of the human life for a man’s Soul.  Holiness does not mean walking around ethereally, but Holiness means sound dedication, total commitment, striving to honor God ultimately, being good example to all people, and exemplary in charity.

Charity is many things.  It is not giving someone something just to please, but it is acknowledging the needs, recognizing the needs, and sharing, in many ways, what a man has, for the good of other people.  This could be time, energy, knowledge, hope, love, respect, dignity, honor, or a material thing.

Immorality can be termed thusly: ‘hogwash’, for in it there is no joy, no elegance, no dignity, no real fulfillment.  It is the swill of the earth, and it is not food fit for human consumption, physically or spiritually.  Today, we live in a world of ugliness, sinfulness, and animalistic behavior.

It is a sick world.

There is a solution.

There is a medication.

There is a positive answer.

There is a method.

There is a means to establish a healthy situation throughout the world.

Though we live in a sick world, we do not live in a hopeless world.  Where there is Faith in God, and people strong enough to stand up in a sound stable way, having the Faith to see the Purpose of life, and realize that God Himself gave The Commands for life, for men to establish sound moral values and sound moral standards, the first step is to recognize there is a problem.  The second step, to stand firm on Faith in God and what it means to have sound Faith in God.  The third is to establish leaders in government that have for their intentions, the good of the people in mind, not just acclaim for themselves or obedience to money power behind them.

There are some very good people in this world who, if given the chance, could be fine leaders, perhaps even great ones.  We do not express our will for sound leadership as much or as well as we should.

We must come up with, not just theory or analyzation of this situation, but with facts to support it, and with facts that will be substantial enough to create sound government.

If a man is in a high governmental position and is not sound in his action or thinking, Americans should be strong enough to see the disaster and tragedy that this man or woman can cause, and there should be sound action instigated and taken; of course, always within the laws, but we must be sure the laws are not just laws, but have justice as their foundation and their goals.

Emotionalism, riots, demonstrations, are not the answers.  If these people who are truly sound of mind, with sound standards themselves, would meet in dignity and gather information that would show respect to the laws, to the situations, and of course, to the people involved, much more would be accomplished; and even though corruptness is evident, it is also evident that truth wins out.  Justice has to be seen because it is innate in man to want justice, and justice, as it is meant to be, has no flaws, blemishes or scars because of its inadequacies.  Justice stands in a particular place, acknowledging truth, acknowledging sound values and sound standards, and most certainly bears with it, honesty, dignity and acceptance.  Also, true justice has all kinds of evidences of God in it.”

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