ON JULY 20, 1979


“You are being led down the primrose path.  An alarm is ringing.  It is an obvious alarm.  It is alerting all Roman Catholics to a great disaster in the Church throughout the world.  In so many areas Holy Mother Church is drowning because of men’s deliberate dilution of sound doctrine and orthodox beliefs.  Confusion is rampant, instability in Church authority obvious, and there is arrogance in every rectory and office of administration.  This type of attitude shouts out loud ‘Instability’, but it also shouts something else.  It shouts planned insensitivity, brainwashing, and confused control, causing confusion in direction and authority.

First, there is no argument against sound change.  There is no argument against unfair rigid rules being changed.  There is no argument against men who want to update ceremony for a logical reason.  There is no argument against men who are working to solve ‘in-house’ problems.  There is no argument against new ideas in helping the congregations to find more stability and hope in their Faith.  There is no argument against men meeting and trying to find new methods for understanding Roman Catholicism, and to develop their Faith in God.


There is, and there should be, a stand taken by all Roman Catholics throughout the world that shows they are not only members of the congregation, but should have a say against any laxness, unreliability or instability that is being exercised, forfeiting the stability of the structure of Holy Mother Church.  Men are running wild into change and loosely exercising change, adopting new thinking, and supporting standards and values that do not have the congregations in mind, only their own bitterness, problems and immaturities.

Two thousand years ago, God instituted Holy Mother Church.  Through the duration of these two thousand years, obviously, there had to be change in ceremony and teaching, with always the fundamental basic format in mind.  Ceremony changed accordingly.  Vestments changed.  The architecture changed.  The manner in which we had to receive The Body and Blood of Our Lord changed, always with the formula in mind.  There has always been change, but in our time, the changes taking place shut out the opinions of the congregations and bear with them a belligerence, an audacity, an arrogance, an egoism, a belittling, an illogical answer to honest questions from the congregation who ask, ‘Why?’

When something is introduced and they know it is going to have a rejection from the congregation, they use a facade, a cover-up, and announce there is an option and you can do it this way or that way.  This, in reality, is deceit, for in so many areas it is nothing but their using time to promote how they want it to ultimately be.  A knowledgeable human being, who loves Holy Mother Church, is not fooled, and is fully aware of the disorder, the discontent and the confusion that is being caused, but feels helpless and even hopeless because of the innate desire to respect men in the Church, even when the men in the Church are not charitable or Godlike.

Most certainly, the men in the Church have not paid for the churches to be built.  They have used the monies of the congregations.  Most certainly, too, the men in the Church, the priests, no matter what rank they have, are deliberately destroying the Faith of the congregations.  Although they have some followers, they cannot be called ‘followers’ in the true sense of the word; they are, in many ways, lambs being brought to the slaughter by the opinionated men who feel they have the control and the authority and the position to make others bend to their will.

Wake up, Roman Catholics.  You are not just Christian.  You have a definite Church with the identity of one alone.  It was established by God; The Tabernacle is God, Our Heavenly Mother, and it was instituted by The Son of God.  How can men have the audacity to do what they are doing?  Also, when something is truly God’s and there is God’s Purpose in mind with it and for it, there is little room for hurts, hate, and unhappiness.  There is no happiness in Holy Mother Church at this time.

There is no happiness when a son wants to become a priest.  There is question, and there is concern for what he is truly going to be taught, what he will be involved with, and what effect he will have when he completes the education.

Wake up, Roman Catholics.  Stop sleeping while satan creeps in.  He is a thief in the night, a thief in the day.  He is a thief when the door opens, and the only thing that can cast him away, shove him away, throw him out, is a strong Roman Catholic stand for what is right.”

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