ON AUGUST 15, 1979


“A title denotes, directs, and bears in it, a definite position of responsibility, a position of honor, or a position that shows established authority.  A title reflects the tasks of a person who accepts the title.  A title of heritage bears with it a chain of command, a chain of lineage, personality, nature, inheritance.  A title, in respect to government officials, industries, men and women of responsible positions, carries with it a definite area of involvement for the cause, or the purpose, or the institutional gain.  A title says direction for the purpose or the project comes from this particular person.  A title promotes decisions to be acknowledged through this person.

Let us now take the title ‘Director General’ and ‘Director Mother General’.  This title bears much responsibility.  This title is a title of respect, but also, it is a title understood to be the one in charge, bearing the responsibility for which the Organization or Society is formed, for the purpose or goal to establish and carry through Spiritual help, Spiritual teaching, Spiritual growth, Spiritual aid, Spiritual direction, Spiritual needs, along with many physical aspects of human life.

The salute, ‘Mother’, hands to the one called ‘Mother’, the request for protection, the request for truth, the request for help, the request for consideration, for consolation, for advice, for involvement in important and unimportant decisions regarding many facets of life.

In a family, when the role of the mother is obvious to everyone, it creates an atmosphere of warmth, caring, stability, purpose, responsibility, strength, hope and maturity.  Sometimes the responsibility seems overwhelming, but this does not shatter the mother.

There is not a day that goes by that every person in the world should not thank God for His Mother, and His sharing Her with us, for we depend upon Her for not just our Spiritual needs, but our physical, our mental, and the total direction of our Soul.  There is no mother in the world to compare with This Ultimate Gift from God, Our Heavenly Mother.”

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