ON AUGUST 27, 1979


“Am I pure enough to hold God in my hands?

Is the flesh of my hand without stain?

Have I never sinned with my hands?

Am I so pure that I am on a level of equal terms, equal standing with God, that I have the right to hold Him in my soiled hands?

Is not the act of being fed a humbling act?

Is not the act of humility pleasing to God?

Is not the act of humility really an act of strength, seeing the value for which, by which and with which such action is necessary?

Is not true humility sincere, dignified, and good example?

Humility passes on to others the importance of an issue, a situation, or an action.

What happened to the practice of humility in Holy Mother Church?  All that is seen is boldness, brassiness, rebellion, indignities, desecrations, a lack of self-control, a lack of self-discipline, a diminishing of Who God Truly Is, our Creator and our Judge.

It is not just necessary for Roman Catholics to wake up, but to do some sound searching in what they have allowed to take place in accepting undignified false piety to replace sound Faith and morals.”

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