“The Charismatic Movement is ‘self-emphasis’.  It is a movement of destruction in Holy Mother Church.  It emphasizes emotionalism and gifts in ways that are contrary to how God works.

Wholesale gift giving is not God’s Way, for His Wisdom would not allow the Gifts of The Holy Spirit to be so undignified and so frivolously used.  Also, the Charismatic Movement, through its emotionalism, creates an atmosphere for egos and delusion to be practiced to the point of being sinful against the First Commandment, which is the most important Commandment.

Would it not be the acceptance of a false god if a human being felt they had the gifts that only God truly has?  Is it not so that God usually uses one instrument for His Directions to be given to the world, and that the instrument is fully aware that there is a purity and clarity in the Direction that is obvious through the delivery, the content and the consistency of the Revelations, and that it is never for the instrument but always for mankind?  Then, how can the Charismatics feel they have all this ‘love and power’, and not sincerely know it is self-delusion and self-love?

God does not instruct, teach or direct in an emotional atmosphere.  He is Firm in Direction, and there is clarity in All the Lessons, plus it constantly reminds man of the ‘pure state’.

The children have been and are victims of a humanistic, self-idolizing, self-indulging society of men and women, who are justifying all wrongs because they find themselves not caring, not wanting to restrict themselves to the Ten Commandments, but are desecrating Them by absolving themselves from obeying Them, in the guise of the powers of healing:  tongues; love thyself; love thy neighbor.  This type of so-called love is a destructive atmosphere, because it is based wholly on self-interpretation, self-indulgence, self-righteousness, self-determination, self-involvement, self-gifts, self, self, self, encouraging others to recognize false piety, false gifts.  They are false because they are self-induced, which gives no foundation to them.  People are forgetting the hate satan has for God and for man, and they are following in his shadow of self-love which was the basis for which God cast him out of Heaven.

Many of the good men in the Church will admit that Pentecostalism was not stopped soon enough, and then it was determined to let it go because it had gone too far.  This was a weak stand, and it is sad that we, as Roman Catholics, found our respect for priests over and above our respect for what we knew was offensive to God.  We allowed others to become so dominant in their own self-appraisal of themselves that we sat back, and now we are going to have to take a 360 degree turn to get our Church, Holy Mother Church, out of the clutches of satan and the hysterical emotional organizations that have sprung up in the guise of ‘love’, ‘Christianity’ and ‘updating’ the Roman Catholic Church, but which, in reality, is making a farce out of true piety, God’s Commandments, and pure love which involves respect, refinement, dignity, sincerity, humility, self-control and self-discipline.

Through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, men have been taught, directed, informed and instructed on the situations, conditions and behavior of people that is against God and His Ten Commandments.  Even the reality of recognizing the desecrations, abominations, and downright human and Soul destructiveness, men do not want to face the disaster that is so obvious.  What will it take to make the Roman Catholics stand up to be counted for what human life is all about, or even bring them to their knees to prayer?  These Words do not say ‘traditionalism’, but do say, ‘Use time to honor God in the manner of Respect, Honor and Humility that is His due.’

No matter how much we would pray or spend time honoring God, it would never be on the level it should be, for we are only mere human beings and never could pay Honor or Respect to God in the ultimate manner of His Greatness.  Knowing this, we should most certainly use whatever we are and whatever we have to at least attempt a dignified attitude, and pray that we will find the path to purity and piety that He wishes for us.

The hope we have is to know it’s not too late to begin a way of life that will show God we truly do care, and in our mere human way, love Him more than ourselves or anyone or anything else.  Now is the time to start.  Wake up, Roman Catholics! Let truth bring you to your senses and bend your knees in prayer.”

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