“Many people say, ‘I like chocolate cake.’ It expresses a preference of taste.  This statement is a personal opinion, a personal desire, a personal viewpoint, truly unimportant to anyone but the person who makes the statement.  It would be easy to have all statements spoken as trivial as this one, but life is not like this.  Many statements have responsibility to them, responsibility in them, and the statement contains a fact that perhaps involves one person or many people.

When you say, ‘I am Roman Catholic,’ this statement says many things.  It speaks of your Faith, your beliefs, your intentions, your way of life.  It tells someone else that you accept the Ten Commandments and Holy Mother Church.  It also says you believe in the Seven Sacraments and you believe in the Dignity and the Beauty in how Holy Mother Church was instituted a long time ago.  It also says that you believe in Our Blessed Mother.

It says you believe in how Holy Mother Church was founded.  It says you believe in the doctrine, in the orthodoxy of the standards behind the system that is so necessary to Holy Mother Church.  It also says something else:  It says that in your belief in the fact that you stand strong in saying you are a Roman Catholic, it announces to whomever hears it that there is a stability of Faith within you that recognizes Faith as a Gift from God, and that the Purpose of human life is to return to God for All Eternity.

It also says that in this Faith, through this Faith that you undoubtedly have, that you are capable of seeing sound moral values, truth from evil, and that you have the capacity to use your will against anyone or anything that would lead you to act in a way contrary to what you know bears the Dignity, Piety, Sincerity and Truth established by God Himself.  Saying you are a Roman Catholic says very much about you.

Now let us say that you, in being asked the question about your Faith, answer, ‘I am a Christian.’ This statement makes a statement of fact.  It tells to others you believe in God, but it does not commit your dedication to a given formula of Faith.  It has a looseness in its sound and direction.  It also says that you do not accept the control of any given religion that specifies certain rules, regulations and intentions.  In its generality, it waters down the specifics that sometimes give a strength to performance, a strength in your action and a strength to your moral code of ethics that is beyond a one-word structure of Faith.

At one time it was a privilege for man to recognize you as a Roman Catholic because of some little act of obedience that was performed openly out of love for God.  When such actions were diminished, it was like a cancer eating away at the foundation.  In the open air, it could appear as though the locusts had arrived in a field of armor and were eating the armor away from the soldiers.  It could be like termites gnawing, destroying, causing destruction to the stability of Faith.

God gave man a will.  God gave man a Soul.  One of the greatest sins in abortion is the stealing the Purpose of the Soul, for it is in the conception of a human being that the Soul breathes life into the child, into the seeds of life, and is used by God’s Creativity Powers to be the Light of this life that will one day, through its will and the necessity of human need, be born to the world.

Satan has tried in every area of human life to permeate the whole world with indignities, permissiveness, insults to God, that look like man cannot control himself.  Satan, in his hate for God and his hate for man, attacked the unborn through the weaknesses of human beings, and in this way attacked the Soul of the unborn so this Soul would be limited in its Eternity of Light with God.  It is time for men to stop arguing over immaterial matters such as that personal taste of chocolate cake and begin to look at what is happening in the world against God’s Will for the good of mankind.

Movements remain only as long as there are people interested.  Holy Mother Church is not just a movement, and being what It is, must be fought for, because of how God intends It to lead men to Him.”

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